The amount Luis Miguel charged for his series on Netflix

The amount Luis Miguel charged for his series on Netflix (Instagram)

The amount Luis Miguel charged for his series on Netflix | Instagram

Apparently, the series that the singer Luis Miguel authorized on his life would have produced him very good earnings after being placed in one of the productions with the highest rating on the platform of Netflix.

According to information that has emerged recently, “Luis Miguel: la serie “, is one of the most watched streaming service content in Latin America.

The story starring Diego Boneta who will personify the call “Sun of Mexico“In the first season launched in 2018, which was a resounding success that led to increased revenues for both the famous music idol and the audiovisual platform.

Let’s talk about numbers

It would have been a large agreement to which the “Sol de México” agreed to bring to the screen a life of excesses and love secrets never revealed before.

And what there is no doubt is that it became an overproduction of the Gato Grande and MGM companies, which led the singer to increase his capital, after as it was known he was going through a series of economic crisis.

According to the figures they show were 5 million those who offered the interpreter of “La Inconditional” for the first season composed of 13 revealing episodes.

It was the businessman Carlos Bremer friend of “Luismi” who was in charge of carrying out the negotiations with the platform, this, according to the revelation made to the newspaper Reforma.

It is worth mentioning that the second season of the series is about to reach the platform, before this the businessman said that the music star could have charged an even greater amount.

If I were him (Luis Miguel) I would not accept less than 10 million dollars, they paid him more than 5 million dollars for the first season.

As for the artist’s fortune, his estate is around $ 180 million, according to the portal “Celebrity Net Worth”, without a doubt, the artist needs to have considerable income to continue the life he has led in his last years surrounded of luxuries and beautiful women.

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Did they save him from ruin?

As previously speculated, the artist of Mexican nationalized Puerto Rican origin, Luis Miguel was not going through one of his best streaks, he had heavy debts due to the cancellation of several of his presentations, so the series on the content platform would be his salvation, and even more those who prompted it.

They would be great friends of the singer, Miguel Magnani, Alejandro Soberón and the billionaire Carlos Slim together with the Monterrey magnate Carlos Bremer got together to market the first season on the Televisa channel, this would be broadcast on open television and at this point, everyone wins, they pointed out.

The biographical series of the Sun arrived on August 12, 2019 by Las estrellas.

Who is Carlos Bremer?

He is a 59-year-old businessman and accountant, originally from Nuevo León, Monterrey, best known for his work in philanthropy in causes related to the world of sports, apparently, he has promoted the careers of several athletes.

In 2019 his name obtained a strong relevance when he acquired the house of Zhenli Ye Gon through the Organismo Fundación Butaca Enlace of which he is president, the property was auctioned in Los Pinos in August of that same year and is located in Lomas de Chapultepec in the Miguel Hidalgo mayor’s office in Mexico City.

He is president and director of Value Grupo Financiero, one of the most profitable non-banking groups in Mexico.

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Perhaps you have seen it in the “Shark Tank México” program in which it has participated since 2016, it is a forum of young entrepreneurs who will present their project to the panel of judges, of which the businessman is a part, who together with his colleagues will choose to the best to support them to carry out their business.