The Amazon’s 10 Best Weapons, Ranked

Wonder Woman grew up on the island of Themyscira, where she trained with her Amazonian sisters in numerous martial arts. Since leaving home and traveling to the world of men, the heroine has demonstrated her mastery of these abilities, fighting monsters, supervillains, and gods. He’s even had a period as the God of War.

Of course, every great soldier needs weapons worthy of his skill. When you’re as skilled a warrior as Wonder Woman, very powerful weapons are needed to give you an added advantage over your more formidable opponents. Luckily for her, she has been able to wield some of the most powerful weapons in the DC Universe.

10 Black Lantern Ring

The Black Lantern Power Rings are some of the most powerful items in the DC Universe. They also have a significant disadvantage: only the dead can use them.

Since this is one of her weapons, it means that Wonder Woman died. Like many superheroes who have died, she improved. But during the story, The Blackest Night, heroes who had died were brought back to death as Black Lanterns, undead assassins who retain enough sensitivity to wound those they met in life with psychological and physical attacks. The Black Lantern Ring allows its wearer to fly and create constructions made of dark light, even when it forces its wearer to hunt down and rip out the hearts of those they met in life.

9 Fulcum Abominus

The Toy Master created this epic mechanism at the behest of Mongul. There are a number of mechs, each designed specifically to wound a different member of the Justice League.

However, when the Leagues activated a device in the mouth of the mechs, they entered these gigantic metal constructions, which came together to form a massive Voltron-like construction that even the mighty Mongols feared.

8 Eyes of Athena

While fighting Medusa, Wonder Woman used snake venom to blind herself, thus allowing her to fight without the risk of being turned to stone. Recently, one of the men who worked for her had lost a son who had been petrified by Medusa. It was a very high price to pay. But since she was a superhero and Athena’s servant, Wonder Woman was willing to do whatever it took to stop the gorgon.

For having made this sacrifice and so many other sacrifices, Athena offered Wonder Woman a blessing. Instead of regaining their sight, the Amazons asked for the boy to come back to life. This was granted, but Athena gave him another gift: shared vision. Each could see what the other was seeing at any time, so Wonder Woman’s sight was restored with divine clarity, even if she lost some privacy on the princess. This may not seem like a great weapon, but she can gain insight into her enemies and allies with the goddess’s sight, allowing her to see the best path to victory.

7 Invisible jet

The Invisible Jet is one of the most famous iconic symbols associated with Wonder Woman and has been with her since the Golden Age, long before she was given the power to fly.

Now that you can fly, it seems less important that you have such a vehicle. However, don’t underestimate the power of a stealth fighter jet to unleash airstrikes against your enemies, especially since the plane allows you to take with you other people who might not be able to breathe such high cold air. Recently, he has had a new plane built explicitly to fight Cheetah.

6 Nth Metal Mace

Nth Metal is one of several fictional metals in the DC multiverse with remarkable properties. In this case, it is the Ninth Metal, the ninth of ten possible different metals with increasingly powerful abilities. The nth metal can withstand almost any magical or technological force.

During Dark Nights: Metal, Wonder Woman leaps into battle against hordes of enemies summoned from all dimensions of the Dark Multiverse, a war cry on her lips and an Nth Metal mace in her hand. Even when legions of multiple realities clashed with her, they didn’t stand a chance.

5 Atlas Gauntlets

Atlas gauntlets are magical items created by the Olympian gods. They increase one’s strength ten times, giving the person phenomenal power. They can also cause the wearer to lose control and go into a frenzy.

Wonder Woman will wear them from time to time, but hesitates to wear them mostly. Given her already incredible strength, it is difficult for her to control herself while wearing these.

4 Star Sapphire Ring

During the Blackest Night story, Wonder Woman obtains the purple power ring from a Star Sapphire. This ring can only be wielded by someone who has a deep capacity for love, and Wonder Woman literally loves the world.

With this ring, he is capable of summoning any harsh light construct he can conceive, while also being able to fly through space, communicate with other ring bearers, and kill Black Lanterns – something that requires at least two different colored rings to achieve. .

3 Presentation bracelets

The Bracelets of Submission are one of the signs of Diana’s service to her pious patrons and are her primary defensive tool, which she uses to block bullets and just about anything else that can be unleashed against her.

They are made of Eighth Metal and were forged by the god Hephaestus. That’s correct: Wonder Woman literally carries a weapon of God as a jewel. Interestingly, he once gave a sword made of this metal to Batman’s partner.

2 Lasso of Truth

The Lasso of Truth is the most important element that Wonder Woman possesses. It is a powerful magic item useful in battle, it can bind a god and force anyone to tell the truth.

The bond forces someone, anyone, to submit to its power. It can destroy magical illusions and when used in battle, it can be used as a whip to take down enemies, including many of the mythical entities it fights with.

1 Element X Armor

The multiverse itself is made of element X, the famous 10th metal made from creation itself. The New Gods use this powerful metal in the Mother and Father Boxes. He is also known as « the fire of the fourth world » and is capable of everything from granting visions of the future to altering reality. And Wonder Woman has armor made from him. Considering how amazing this thing is, it makes one wonder why he bothered to don the Golden Armor.