The aliens of XCOM 2 will finally arrive on Android this summer with all their DLC

XCOM 2 and its DLC will arrive on Android this summer.

If you had told us a while ago that we could play PC, PS4 or computer titles on your smartphone, surely we would not have believed it. We are not talking about games in the cloud thanks to platforms such as Stadia or Xcloud, if not real games, downloaded into the memory of a mobile terminal.

Well, taking into account that mobile devices are increasingly powerful and that more and more developers are betting on launching their titles on Android and iOS, it is not surprising that announcements like today’s do not catch us by surprise. That’s how it is, The popular strategy game XCOM 2 along with all its DLC will arrive on Android this summer. What do you want!

XCOM 2 and its DLCs for July this year: save the planet from the alien invasion

XCOM 2 and all its DLC will arrive on Android this July

As we can read in Android Central, Feral Interactive has announced that it will carry its popular strategy game XCOM 2 to Android this summer. We can even access the Play Store for prior registration.

XCOM 2 is the sequel to the 2012 title XCOM: Enemy Unknown – also available for Android – and was originally released for computers and consoles such as PS4 and XBOX in 2016.

Aliens have invaded Earth and only XCOM forces will be able to deal with them. For this you will have to recruit different members (with different skills and statistics), train them and send them into battle. Whether they survive or not depends on the ability of each one. XCOM 2 is a fairly popular turn-based strategy title and given its style of play, it’s perfect for touchscreens..

In addition to the base game, the game will come with its four DLCs. You will only have to make an initial payment of 27.99 euros and we will be able to play it without limits and without in-app purchases on July 13.

It is expensive? Well, we’re talking about a PlayStation 4 game that offers hundreds of hours of fun… so yeah, for us it is worth paying for it.

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