The Aliens meme will now be a movie!

Ancestral Aliens, one of the best known programs of History Channel, you will have your own movie. Aliens! The only possible explanation.

Recently, The Hollywood Reporter revealed a project that is cooked in the creative hallways. The series of History Channel, Ancestral Aliens, you will have your movie. The aforementioned series is known, not only for its stories, but for the meme that has circulated so much on the net … Aliens!

The image shows the Swiss ufologist, Giorgio Tsuokalos, in an episode of the first season, in which it defends theories of ancient astronauts. On the web it has been used parodying the moment and meaning that the only explanation for something is the aliens.

The production

To carry the stories of a documentary series as recognized as these, the task could not be entrusted to just anyone and it is that nothing more and nothing less than Legendary Pictures will produce the tape.

“It will be a two-handed adventure that will span the world and present ancient sites and artifacts, confronting the theories and questions raised by the popular documentary series,” commented the company in charge.

In addition, the project will be led by Josh heald, who along with John hurwitz and Hayden schlossberg, they created Cobra Kai. The last two will be producers in this creation. Jon Jashni, who worked on Godzilla vs Kong, will accompany you.

The scriptwriter for this piece will be Luke ryan, who collaborated in Two Very Smoking Hangouts (2004).

All the investment is made by the repercussion that the program has had on television. The show has 16 seasons and more than 200 episodes to date.

Your producer, Kevin Burns, he was an icon of science fiction. I had won a Emmy and led the baton in multiple documentaries of the genre. The businessman passed away in 2020.

What is Ancient Aliens?

For those who have not had the opportunity to see the series, it tells, as a documentary, how aliens influenced various situations in ancient cultures. So that throughout the seasons it seems that everything we know only has a logical explanation … Aliens!

Very little is known about the plot, as well as the other elements. However, it will not be surprising that little by little more striking details are being revealed that will increase the expectation that there is about the film.