The urban exponent El Alfa affirmed that the two main Dominican political parties offered him sums of up to 20 million pesos to get their support in the face of the presidential and congressional elections on July 5.

Emanuel Herrera, his real name, maintained that the proposal has been made by the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) and the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD).

« Both have offered me more than 20 million pesos to say that I am with them, but I rejected them because my need today is not money, » said the head of Truck Band during an interview in the virtual space « Música Barrial « 

Then he added: “Today my need is not money, and I don’t want to get rich, and that the poor get poorer. And I said no, I am not going to campaign, I am not going to do politics because at the right time I am going to campaign, it is because of a trustee that I have in my heart, that I am going to really help the poor ” .

In recent days, several figures have offered their support to the candidates Luis Abinader, from the PRM, and Gonzalo Castillo, from the PLD.