Smart speakers have made a name for themselves in millions of homes around the world in recent years. Some of the most popular are the Amazon Echo, whose model catalog is quite varied: speakers without a screen, with a screen, more basic (such as the Echo Flex) or for the car (Echo Auto).

Although they can be controlled by voice through the Alexa wizard or by pressing on the touch screen (on models that include one), the initial configuration and the addition of skills (“programs” to give the devices more functions) are performed at through the Alexa app, available for iOS and Android.

Jeff Bezos’ company has announced an update to this app to offer users a more personalized experience, as well as promoting the use of the Alexa voice assistant from smartphones.

More personal and with Alexa as the protagonist

Alexa New App Ios

The home screen of the Alexa app has undergone a face lift, although not so much in terms of design, but in functionality. At the top we find a large button to invoke the voice assistant, and the third-party skill suggestions have been moved to another section.

Just below the Alexa button we find a personalized list of suggestions according to the use of the users with the app, for example, indicating a recently played song, reminders or the shopping list. It is also possible to see volume controls on Echo devices.

While Alexa is the cornerstone on Echo devices, in the smartphone app it was relegated to the background, but with this update you want to enhance its use by providing tips and advice on things that can be done with it from the iPhone.

If you liked to check the weather from the application, luckily or unfortunately the new one has dispensed with this information, which appeared at the top as soon as it was opened, and the routines, reminders, skills and adjustments sections are included within the “more” button.

An intelligence test concludes that Siri is smarter than Alexa, but not as smart as Google Assistant.

The update will reach users throughout the remainder of July and during the month of August., and by the end of this they ensure that all users should be able to enjoy the new experience both on devices with iOS, Android and Fire OS (Amazon tablets).

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