The Agoncillo and the Pradejón tie to one in the San Roque

04/04/2021 at 11:36 PM CEST

The Agoncillo and the Pradejon They started the Second Phase of the Third Division with a draw to one in the opening match held this Sunday in the San Roque. With this result obtained at the end of the match, the teams remain in fourth and seventh position respectively.

During the first half there were no goals by any of the players from each team, so the result remained 0-0 during the first 45 minutes.

In the second half the Agoncillano team scored a goal, which took advantage of the play to open the scoring with a goal Urko at 60 minutes. The pradejonero team tied thanks to a goal from Slab just before the final whistle, specifically in 89, thus closing the match with a final score of 1-1.

Both coaches made moves on the benches. The coach of the Agoncillo gave entrance to Edu Varea, Atienza and Alvaro by Moses, Ruben and Koldo Garcia, Meanwhile he Pradejon gave entrance to Hugo Lopez, Sanchez and gentleman by Molo, David and David garatea.

During the 90 minutes of the meeting, a total of ten cards were seen. By the Agoncillo the referee sanctioned with yellow to Ganzabal, Urko, Shepherd, Ruben and Miguel Lopez, while in the pradejon team he admonished Pitu, Pebble and Pebble and with red to Martinez and Hugo Lopez.

At the moment, the Agoncillo and the Pradejon They added one point each to their respective boxes after their first game in the Second Phase of the Third Division.

On the second day the Agoncillo will play against him CD Tedeón at home and the Pradejon will play his match against him Vianés in his fiefdom.

Data sheetAgoncillo:Pastor, Miguel Lopez, Koldo García (Alvaro, min.89), Urko, Ruben (Atienza, min.89), Jorge Tenreiro, Ganzabal, Moisés (Edu Varea, min.65), Jon Gomez Ibisate, Dani Suárez and ManeroPradejon:César, Martínez, David Garatea (Caballero, min.81), Zarate, Losa, Guijarro, Moi, Pitu, Molo (Hugo López, min.64), Ezquerro and David (Sanchez, min.73)Stadium:San RoqueGoals:Urko (1-0, min. 60) and Losa (1-1, min. 89)