The pension specialist, Federico Rubli, stressed that an administrator who manages a highly diversified portfolio of assets will be better protected against the fluctuations of the market. A fundamental principle of finance is that diversifying investments mitigates risk

Federico Rubli, economist at MAD Asesores, a former official of Banco de México and CONSAR, pointed out that it is important to know the degree of diversification of the Afore where you are, what you invest resources in and what commission you charge customers.

He explained that the assets of the Afores they are long-term investments and will be used when each person decides to retire from their active working life.
This means that in the event of handicaps, they will tend to correct themselves over time, as is already happening.

A Afore where people can feel safe is Afore XXI Banorte because it is backed by two strong institutions, one that is public, the IMSS, and on the other hand the Banorte Financial Group.

Afore XXI Banorte has a very diversified portfolio, therefore, my savings in that portfolio are more protected and, in addition, it is an Afore that has provided high returns, low commissions, which is also important, and since it is obviously a very solid institution “He added.

The Afore They manage 10 investment funds that have to do with the year in which the clients were born, the so-called generational funds.

For example, if I was born in the year 54, I am in the group of Siefores that correspond to that generation and has an investment regime that is made up of the type of assets that it invests ”.

In other words, each investment fund is a Siefore.

“The 10 funds have different portfolios, so it has to do with it because, obviously, the younger ones tolerate more risk, while those of us who are already closer to retirement want less risk,” concluded Federico Rubli, economist at MAD Asesores, former official of Banco de México and Consar.