the Aeroparque reopens on March 15, what works were done and how much they cost

Jorge Newbery Airport will reopen its operation on March 15 when the works on the landing strip and in the arrivals and departures sectors of the international area and that, after an inversion of the order of 5,000 million pesos, It will allow the metropolitan air station to become one of the safest in the continent for air operations, official sources reported.

The work consists of the remodeling and expansion of the Arrivals and Departures from the International area of ​​the Passenger Terminal, in view of the return of regional flights.

Regarding the track, it is the first time, since 1974, that it has been built completely new in its central street and the work itself marks a milestone in the history of the Aeroparque because it will allow you to raise your operational possibility to category 3, the highest which is determined by the international air control authority and which implies that aircraft can take off and land with instruments, among other requirements.

For the rehabilitation of the track, the demolition and reconstruction of the 21 meters of the existing central strip, along its entire length (2,100 m), increasing its structure to give it greater support capacity and bringing its total length to 2,700 meters, that is, 600 meters more than it had.

This is complemented by the widening of the runway to 45 meters and the execution of paved margins of 7.5 meters on each side, as recommended in current international regulations, which will take the track to a total width of 60 meters.

Also, the extension of the runway in both headwaters is specified, which, in addition to increasing the safety of operations, will allow flights with a greater radius of action.

The works also include a new high-intensity beaconing system in Operational Category 3 configuration, to be installed on the runway, with taxiing and rapid exits, which includes runway center line, edges, threshold and runway end lights, and new Approach lighting systems in both headlands, to which a new instrument landing system (ILS) will also be incorporated, which will substantially improve the safety of operations and allow operations in low visibility conditions.

Migration and pre-boarding

The project will include, on the other hand, the remodeling and expansion of the international pre-shipment, with an approximate area of ​​3,350 m2, in addition, the existing spaces will be readjusted to improve functionality and spatiality.

Also, be specifiedto a new structure for the security control and immigration control sectors, In order to achieve an optimization of spaces, and a better operation and processing of passengers, and the existing gastronomic and commercial offer will be improved, incorporating new premises.

Regarding the area of International Arrivals, the project will cover an approximate area of ​​4,600 square meters and foresees the remodeling, readjustment and refunctionalization of the control area with its attached offices; the remodeling of the international luggage yard and the construction of a new international arrivals hall with its toilets, gastronomic premises and commercial premises.

This work also includes the readjustment of the outdoor spaces, that is, sidewalks, beds and equipment.

The new sector of migration control It will consist of a large space for queues, and includes the installation of 14 service stations and 5 E-gates and the offices of the control bodies will be located around this area.

Along the same lines, the sector corresponding to the customs control, for a better organization in the formation of lines, being configured for the installation of four ray machines and operational support offices.