the advance of chapter 69 of the manga shows the brutal training between Bills and Vegeta

Bills tries to reveal Vegeta’s true feelings.

We are less than 24 hours away from knowing a new chapter of the manga of Dragon ball super. And as usual, a short preview was leaked showing interesting information in the development of the story. Therefore, we tell you where the developments of this new episode could go. In addition to knowing more about Big wave, its origin and planet, there is a main focus on Vegeta Y Bills.


The preview published by the manga publisher shows Granola arriving on a planet. It’s probably where he currently lives or the same one the Saiyans attacked, a long time ago. This is not yet known. However, the appearance of a dragon is striking, in the best style of Shenlong. We will know that this Friday, when they finally reveal the chapter.

Vegeta and Bills

In number 68 of the series, while Whis try what Goku improve Ultra Instinct, Bills Y Vegeta they disconnect. At that moment the god of destruction mentions another kind of technique that could also raise his power.

And although he tells him that he does not intend to impart knowledge to him, he leaves him between saying to follow him. That is to say, that Bills is preparing to train the prince of the Saiyans.

Consequently, part of the leak of # 69 has to do with the dialogue between the two and the images of the brutal training. In the conversation that both have, Bills investigates the past of the Saiyajin race and its way of exterminating the populations of the planets.

Vegeta responds that although they were a destructive race, they are more attached to combat. And that their appropriation of worlds began to be more regular, when they started working for Freeza. The dialogue develops along this line and the Saiyan warrior does not understand the reason for the conversation.

Until finally Bills tells him that all this has to do with the new technique. So, what can be assumed, is that the god of destruction needs to bring out the real Vegeta that hides inside him. That villain capable of anything to achieve his goal, regardless of what happens around him.

We reiterate, that is an assumption. It remains to know what the true intentions of Bills are, in the new chapter that comes out this Friday.

The preview translation is courtesy of the @DBSuperHDMX Twitter account. Remember that you can read the chapter in Spanish at this link.