Under the hashtag #megaby, the death of megadede has become a trend on Twitter. Since its launch, a little more than two years ago, the website had become Pordede’s last heir, and it arrived just a few days after Plusdede had died.

Users of the popular portal for watch movies and series in Spain they have been left without one of their favorites. The site administrators have posted a small statement on the home page stating that in less than a week megadede will come to an end.

Megadede Cierra

They have not explained the reasons for the closure, nor is there an exact date of the end of the activity of the website. Many users on Twitter they hope that it will be possible to download their databases with the lists of series and movies as it will happen with the previous webs. The statement only says:

The members of the team are forced to announce that in less than a week megadede will come to an end. We hope you have enjoyed this time with us and take the opportunity to download your lists. Thanks for everything #megabye

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There are already others presenting themselves as alternatives

In the middle of the announcement and other similar services have taken the opportunity to offer themselves as alternatives. Recommended by some users on Twitter and by their own official accounts, they have gotten into the hashtag welcoming those that Megadede leaves orphans.

The people of Movidy say that they will be working until 2021 and if Megadede allows to download the lists of series and movies, they could create a mechanism to import them:

At the moment Megadede is working, but if the statement is final, it does not have more than 6 days to live. Now we will have to wait if, like all the previous times, we end up with another “dede” domain to replace the one that has fallen.

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