Leo Messi and Barcelona, ​​Barcelona and Leo Messi. Parallel stories that have never been separated. The Argentine has been in the ranks of the Barça club for more than 15 years, 15 years in which the continuity of 10 at the Camp Nou was never questioned. But everything has gone wrong this year: his anger at the signing of Neymar interruptus, the war against the club, the confrontation with Abidal and, to top it all, the war between players and Bartomeu for the cut of the workforce after the coronavirus crisis. Today, Messi has plenty of reasons to leave Barça.

Adidas, the german giant that represents Leo Messi since this gallops at the Camp Nou lifting fans from their seats, he would be one of the great beneficiaries of a possible march by the Argentine from Barcelona, ​​which could occur free of charge at the end of the season if Leo enforces the liberation clause that he has in his contract.

The sports brand has its biggest image, its great star, in the ranks of its eternal enemy, the North American brand Nike. He Barcelona Soccer Club It is the emblem club that the North American brand has in the area of ​​soccer and it is something that Adidas has always had to swallow: seeing how Leo Messi wore the competition’s logo on his chest.

Adidas rubs his hands

Adidas he rubs his hands thinking about a possible change of scenery for Leo Messi. The contract allows him to go out for free and, just as there are not a few teams that would be willing to pay him a million to wear his elastic, there are also few reasons that the Argentine has today to consider his goodbye to Barça after 15 years at the Camp Nou. For the German giant it would be idyllic for his star to sign for one of his clubs which he dresses as the Manchester United, Chelsea, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich or Juventus; five titans that would be a huge blow to the interests of the sports brand.

Adidas understands that its emblem, to change teams, would revolutionize the marketing of the German brand. Leo Messi is, for many, the best player in football history, something that leads to an infinite number of fans, not from Fútbol Club Barcelona, ​​but from the Argentine 10. That signing for another club would mean an unprecedented explosion in the sale of shirts for that team with the name and number of the Argentine on the back. It is difficult for him to leave Barça … but Adidas already dreams of it.