Catherine Hardwicke revealed to Entertainment Tonight that the adaptation of Midnight Sun (Twilight) to the cinema would be very “difficult”!

A few months ago, Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke announced some good news. She said she was going to release a book “Midnight Sun”. Very good news for the fans. They are eager to the release of the book.

The one who is at the origin of Midnight Sun, revealed that the release of a film promises to be “difficult”. In this new Twilight book, fans will find out things through Edward Cullen’s eyes.

In the 1st books, the story was told by Bella (Twilight). If fans are already hoping that the book will be adapted into a film, the bet is not won in advance. Indeed, the woman takes time to think about it.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Catherine Hardwicke gave some info. According to her, it would be difficult to bring the actors together. It must be said that since the release of the saga, the two have followed very different paths.

Midnight Sun’s theatrical release will struggle to see the light of day

The Twilight director explained, “Robert Pattinson (aka Edward Cullen) is Batman right now…. and Kristen Stewart (aka Bella Swan) participates in a million beautiful projects ”.

As a reminder, Robert Pattinson is the new batman head. In a few months, a film with the actor should see the light of day. The woman also revealed that it would be too difficult to cover parts of her old films.

She revealed that this idea is much too “difficult” : “We stuck a lot more in Bella’s head.” For now, we will therefore have to take advantage of the release of the book “Midnight Sun”.

It may well be that the film adaptation will not never sees the light of day. The director also revealed: “I hope this book will give my readers a little pleasure to anticipate”.

Finally, she also added: “And, if they succeed, I hope they will have the chance to live in an imaginary world. And this for a while ”.

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