The Acolyte would begin filming in February 2022

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The Star Wars series titled “The Acolyte”, which will be the first audiovisual product inspired by the period of the High Republic, and would have its production scheduled. That is the information that is beginning to arrive about what will be one of the future Star Wars projects for the Disney + platform

Carmen Cuba will be the casting director for which she will be the leading actress of the series, although we do not yet know too many details. The title role is called Aura, obviously it can be a false name. They are looking for a POC actress (Black, Latina…) from 18-22. Must be able to handle a physically loaded role, so they are looking for a woman of color and athleticism, who has martial arts knowledge.

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The series would begin its filming in the first quarter of 2022 in London, and above all it seems that it is looking at February 2022. The series is likely to use The Volume technology that has been installed at Pinewood Studios in London following the successful use of technology in Los Angeles for the first two seasons of “The Mandalorian” as well as the future series “The Book. of Boba Fett ”.

As additional data, it seems that the series will have a total of 8 one-hour episodes, although this is information to be taken still with certain reservations, since everything can vary.

The series is described as an action-mystery thriller with martial arts elements that will take us into a galaxy of grim secrets and emerging powers from the Dark Side in the waning days of the High Republic era. Recently, post-series showrunner Leslye Headland has offered details of her approach to the series.

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