The accessories that you cannot miss to enjoy your PlayStation 5 to the fullest

If you are one of the lucky ones who could get hold of a PlayStation 5 in digital version (already sold out) or with a Blu-ray player (still available on Amazon), you may be thinking of taking a look at the accessories that could complete your setup.

Well, that is exactly what we are going to leave you next, since we have prepared a list of accessories that you should take into account.

C & # xe1; mara HD for PS5

HD camera for PS5. Photo:

If you are thinking of opening a channel on Twitch to broadcast your games with your brand new console, an accessory that you must have is a high resolution camera that allows you to show yourself at the same time you play.

The HD camera for PS5 has Full HD resolution so that they can see you perfectly, and also, thanks to its double camera system you can blur and erase the background so that they do not see what you have behind your back. A great plugin to get noticed on Twitch.

Charging base for DualSenseCharging base for DualSense

Charging base for DualSense. Photo:

Now that the wireless controllers have a built-in battery, a complement that will allow you to gain extra comfort is this charging base for DualSense controllers. Thus, every time you finish playing you will only have to leave them resting on this base so that the controls recharge their internal battery and are at 100% the next time you go to play. In this way, you will not find yourself with a low battery in the flat game and, better yet, you will not be forced to use a cable.

New DualSense Cosmic RedNew DualSense Cosmic Red

New DualSense Cosmic Red. Photo:

The console only comes with a DualSense controller, so with the idea of ​​being able to play with friends and family at home, you will have to buy a second controller.

To do this, nothing better than the new Cosmic Red version of the DualSense, a very elegant red color control that, together with the internal blue light, recalls the shades of Spider-Man.

An amazing version with which to add a touch of color.

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PS5 wall mountPS5 wall mount

PS5 wall mount. Photo:

If you do not have enough space to place your new PS5 on the table (remember that it has quite large dimensions), a good solution is to use this wall bracket with which you can hang your console directly behind the TV or in any other side of your room.

It is very practical and extremely inexpensive, so perhaps it could put an end to your space problems.

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