The Academy Fraud? Tiktok user assures that La Voz

The Academy Fraud? Tiktok user assures that La Voz | INSTAGRAM

The story was shared by the user of TikTok, Christian michelle, who claims to have been a participant of ‘La Academia’ in Yuridia’s time, telling everything in a video that has already been seen hundreds of thousands of times and ensuring that he is a witness to the fraud that is the program of TvAzteca and that also happens in ‘La Voz México’.

It is a series of videos shared on your official count of Tik Tok, where the young man assures that he participated in the casting in which the same Yuridia he was participating in the past year 2005.

He stated that as the years passed the “Contract of silence” that he had signed has already expired and that therefore he can now talk about everything that happened and the experience he lived in that program, which he came to with many efforts and everything to find the following.

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“Totally, several years have passed and that contract that we silently signed has already expired,” said the young man, beginning to list some of the Reality Show edge that exist, ensuring that fraud and irregularities occur in them.

Cristian assures that it was a whole journey, which he lived with one of his friends, because to get to the casting in Guadalajara, he first got to line up in the line where Yuridia was already and where he would discover the truth behind all this.

The entertainment piece began like this: “The big day of the casting arrived, which was a Friday, and the staff of TV Azteca de La Academia came out, they began to organize people, but you could see that they were bad, terrible and all super bad. We were excited and excited to do that casting ”, he began with the story.

The supposed fraud that takes place in the academy consisted of using these participants to mount the supposed casting but that in reality it was already chosen from the winners of the same, such as Yuridia.

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He assures that in the supposed casting the participants came to vocalize and show off their voices when he and his friend were just observing, “sick and hoarse”, until there was a problem in line and a staff person arrived. A woman who was very stressed, bad and who was screaming saying “Let’s see guys and be at peace because here you are not at home”, turned around and said aloud “Ultimately we have selected all the participants”, there was a silence in the line and everyone turned to look disappointed.

That was the moment in which the young man realized the alleged fraud that is committed in the academy and also ensuring that it happens in all programs of the same style.

Of course, all that story was told with his pure style, a tone of gossip that Tik Tok users loved.

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The young man was very excited to be able to participate in this program and said that he had no weight to attend but that he managed to go all out to discover and run into that hard wall that was his experience.

However, this could only be a story of the young man, although we cannot assure that it is a fiction because in truth he told everything in great detail and with a seriousness that has worked and has made everyone believe in the social network of the videos short that it is a reality.

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