The Twitter account KomiyaLeaks has been publishing for a few days alleged A14 chip data which will see the light of day on various devices this fall. And if we put them all together, we can outline with some sense what may be one of Apple’s most important chips to start the era of Apple Silicon in Macs.

We already deduced some things and some data was leaked in the rumors of past months, but the source provides data with a very interesting level of detail. To get started, the performance of the A4 chip would be 40% higher than the A13. And at the GPU level it could be up to 50% higher.

The A14 chip and its variants as the starting point of the Apple Silicon

And that’s only in the case of the A14 chip, according to the leaker himself. In the case of the A14X chip we would be talking about a non-detailed but even greater performance increase. This chip would be equipped in the next iPad Pro, and thanks to it the tablets could boot up all iPadOS in less than 10 seconds. There would also be a special edition of that A14X chip for Mac, larger (and probably higher performance) and that could see the light in the first MacBook Pro with Apple Silicon chips on the market.

That MacBook Pro, as we can see in the tweet above, would carry up to 32 GB of RAM, a Touch Bar and would cost $ 1099 minimum with discounts for students and shipping starting in November. They are very specific specifications that lead me to tell you to treat this for what it is: a leak that can be as true as it is false. A rumor that must be treated as such, taking it with a grain of salt.

KomiyaLeaks is one of a number of Twitter accounts, such as L0vetodream or Jon Prosser, that have begun to leak details of future Apple products. Some accounts are more accurate than others, as we saw at WWDC20, but if this information about the A14 chip is true we could have something very interesting just a few weeks from being presented.

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