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After his defeat on Friday before him Manchester City (2-1), the Real Madrid ended to this strange season. In the end, he closes it with a Spanish Super Cup and above all a league that turn the annual balance in good, especially if you take into account how it was last year.

If someone has been key to achieving these titles, that man has been Sergio Ramos. He has thrown the team on his back and has shown the best level of his career at 34 years old. His contract ends in 2021, but the club should renew it for life for the following reasons:

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Despite being 34 years old, Sergio Ramos is in the best stage of his life as a footballer. He has been showing an incredible level for years and this year he has surpassed everything by far. If it continues like this, letting it escape would be almost a crime.

Personally, I think that Ramos today is the best center-back in the world. He is ahead of Van Dijk or Piqué, and in any case, if he is not the best, he lacks little. The best in the world have to play for Real Madrid and the Andalusian fully complies with that quality.

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Sergio Ramos is the best Real Madrid player today. He is even ahead of Benzema or Courtois, who have had a fantastic season. The club must renew the players who have earned it because of their form, and there is no one who has done better than Sergio this season

As much as the Real Madrid centrals have a very high level, they do not reach that of Sergio Ramos. It has been shown that without him on the field, the team defensively is another. Varane made two improper mistakes against City and last year Ajax also took advantage of the camero’s absence to crush the whites at the Bernabéu (1-4). Today no one can replace him.

Sergio Ramos is one of the best captains in history. In Real Madrid and in the Spanish team. He has an innate leadership ability that no player in the world can match. If the white set or let it escape, the skipper of the boat would be leaving.

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If Sergio Ramos was missing something, it was to score more goals. As a defender, he has scored 13 this season among all competitions, 11 of them in the league, and has surpassed Koeman as the highest scoring defender in the history of our competition. Something vital in a team that is not excessively offensive.

The level of football and commitment that the camero has always shown in the white shirt have made the fans fall in love. They consider him a standard in the field that immediately connects with the stands, and his departure would be an important blow for the fans


The central defender is one of the most important players in the history of Real Madrid. He arrived in 2005, barely 19 years old, during the first stage of Florentino’s presidency and with Zidane still as a player. 15 years later, he has played more than 600 games and has won absolutely everything. In addition, he has been the captain who lifted the 3 Champions in a row. Something unheard of and unforgettable.