Cooking at home is one of the best health habits and a great tip to save on expenses. Know the list of basic pantry products that are characterized by their nutritional and medicinal power

Undoubtedly know about the fundamental foods in the kitchens of various doctors it is interesting. Finally part of your job is to explore the relationship between diet and health, surely with all this information at hand these findings have become part of their habits and personal life. Such is the case of the renowned doctor of functional medicine and author of the best seller Food FixMark Hyman who recently posted his pantry staples that they cannot miss in their home and to which it relates to extraordinary medicinal benefits.

Taking into account that preparing our own food is the best health habit and one of the best actions for save on expensesbest of all is having these items on hand are basic to create a fast, simple, rich and healthy food in a few minutes.

The 8 basic pantry with medicinal power:

1. Canned fish

Have in the pantry some cans of canned fish as is the case of salmon, sardines, tuna and anchovies, It is a basic that will not only save us from the days with little time to cook, it is healthy food that we can turn into a nutritious dish quickly. These products are a extraordinary source of proteins of high biological value and especially of Omega-3 fatty acids, essential substances for the correct brain functionare key to prevent cardiovascular, inflammatory, lung diseases and of the skin. Best of all, nutritionally speaking bring the same benefits that the fresh fish variants.

Canned sardines. / Photo: Monicore / Pixabay

2. Nuts and seeds

The nuts and seeds belong to the list of superfoods with greater nutritional benefits that exist. They are an extraordinary source of vegetal protein, at the same time they stand out for their content in plant-based healthy fats Specially in Omega 3. Its consumption is related to benefits for regulate high levels of cholesterolHe is a good ally of the cardiovascular health and are associated with weight loss benefits. Having them on hand is a great healthy snack option, they have a outstanding satiating power and they are a wonderful source of energy, than benefits physical and mental performance.

Walnuts / Photo: Shutterstock

3. Nut and nut butters

The best thing about these products is that provide all the benefits of nuts and walnuts, they are also one of the best alternatives for increase the consumption of healthy fats. They are rich in protein, fiber and antioxidants, the ideal is to choose the organic variantss that stand out for not containing additives like saturated fats, sugars, salt or oiland. It is a food with a high energy value that is related to benefits for improve cognitive functionsYes, it reduces the risk of suffering cardiovascular diseases, controls diabetes and prevents aging.

peanut butterpeanut butterPeanut butter. / Photo: Shutterstock

4. Extra virgin olive oil

Olive oil is considered the star ingredient of the Mediterranean diet, this style of eating is associated with spectacular benefits medicinal and is one of the best allies in the prevention of chronic diseases. It’s one of the healthier foods that exist and the reality is that it is the best oil for cooking and seasoning, great benefits are attributed to him, among which his high antioxidant content and his contribution in healthy fats (contains high levels of Omega 3 fatty acids) that give it exceptional anti-inflammatory properties. It is versatile and satisfying a great protector of the digestive and intestinal systems, integrate it into all kinds of dishes is simple and provides a delicious touch.

olive oil olive oilOlive oil. / Photo: Shutterstock

5. Vinegar

Have a good selection of vinegars in the pantry is basic, you can consider all kinds of variants such as the case of vinegar of rice, apple, wine, white and balsamic. The main virtue of vinegar is that it is a product full of antioxidants so adding them to any dish is a great tip to make the healthier food. They are also attributed benefits to detoxify the bodyor, they have the peculiarity of regulate the body’s pH and they are a good ally for balance blood pressure.

Apple vinager. / Photo: .

6. Whole grains

The family of whole grains is one of the best ways to integrate into diet vitamins, minerals, micronutrients, carbohydrates and of course fiber. They are essential products in the diet and are a practical option for mix with all kinds of ingredients and have a full and satisfying meal in minutes. They provide extraordinary healing benefits that relate to a better cardiovascular health, prevent diabetes, benefit intestinal health and they are ideal for enhance weight loss. The best options are the millet, quinoa, buckwheat, amaranth, oats and rice.

quinoa quinoa Quinoa. / Photo: Shutterstock

7. Beans and legumes

Integrating legumes in the daily diet is essential, best of all is that it is very cheap and generous pantry products. Have multiple bags of beans, lentils, chickpeas and beans It is essential, they are foods that stand out for their high content of plant-based proteins, vitamins, minerals and fiber. They are associated with benefits for lower cholesterol, improve the cardiovascular health, control the glycemic index and they are a good ally to deal with nutritional deficiencies and anemia.

legumes vegetablesVegetables. / Photo: Shutterstock

8. Herbs and spices

The aromatic herbs and spices They are the perfect touch to fill with personality everything we cook, beyond being a magnificent ally of the kitchen for bring new flavor and aromas these are products with a high medicinal power. They are associated with benefits for regulate cholesterol, fight high blood sugar levels, improve cardiovascular function, are a great ally of digestive and intestinal system and they are considered a powerful anti-inflammatory, this decreases the risk of suffer from chronic diseases. Little by little you can build your collection. Some recommendations are basil, ginger, chili, turmeric, parsley and coriander, cumin, cinnamon, rosemary, cayenne pepper, fennel, and peppers.

Spices. / Photo: Pexels