The 8 groups that will receive the vaccine as a priority

Little by little, pharmaceutical companies are reporting on new developments in vaccines. First did Pfizer, whose remedy has increased its effectiveness up to 95%, while this week Moderna has done the same with respect to his, which sets this parameter at 94%.

The next step is that Regulatory authorities approve these vacciness before proceeding to mass manufacturing and subsequent shipment to those countries that have purchased doses. One of these territories is Spain, where vaccinations are expected to begin at the end of the year for some groups.

Although still it has not been made official who will be the first to receive it, The World has had access to document prepared by the Ministry of Health that establishes the prioritization and distribution of remedies and that it will be taken to the Council of Ministers next Tuesday.

Priority for health and elderly in residences

TheThe first to receive it will be the first-line health personnel and the elderly living in residences. As health sources revealed to the aforementioned media, these two groups would be covered with the first shipments of vaccines to be delivered.

In a Second priority step will be those over 65 who do not live in residences and the chronically ill adults. Likewise, they will also be the severely disabled and their carers, although the disabled in general have not been included. To these collectives The second batch of cures that Spain receives will be destined.

Later, it will be the turn of the employees of essential jobs such as police, fire, transportation, cleaning, etc.., as well as those workers who cannot telework, such as the case of hospitality personnel, as indicated in the report revealed by El Mundo. It has also been determined that the children would be the last to receive the remedies.

No priorities for sex

The same medium has indicated that prioritization by sex has been avoided, despite the fact that it has been observed that the effects in women are more severe. This text has been prepared by a group of experts and it has developed over a month.