In the quest to bring home entertainment in times of mandatory lockdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic, companies Good Music Only, Fortuna Music and MP Couture have teamed up to create the 7th Venue ( concert platform. streaming.

7th Venue has high technology and trained professionals, who take into account even the smallest detail to meet the needs of users, artists and collaborating brands.

“We are extremely excited about the big step we are taking. For us it is a great honor to be able to be a link between the public and the artist and thus be able to bring healthy entertainment to the home, « said Nelvis Fortuna, executive director of the project, in a press release.

September 25 is the date established for the formal presentation of 7th Venue, where the accesses to the platform and details of its first event will be explained to the media and the general public, which will feature urban music exponents Secreto El Famoso Biberón and Mark B, under the production of Tuto Guerrero and Danko Durán, while the direction will be in charge of Arturo Báez.