Robert Horry he averaged no season during his career more than 12 points per game. Despite this, many NBA stars have retired dreaming of achieving a seventh of what he achieved in his 16 years as a professional.

Leaving aside 32 games he played with the Phoenix Suns in a 96/97 season in which he played in three teams, we can say that Horry triumphed in the 3 teams of his life: Houston rockets (2 rings), Los Angeles Lakers (3 rings) and San Antonio Spurs (2 rings).

And is that, leaving aside six players from the Celtics of the sixties (Russell, Jones, Havlicek and company), Horry is the player with the most rings in NBA history: 7. One more than Michael Jordan and Kareem Abdul Jabbar.

In addition, he was transcendental in all those rings, with decisive baskets in the regular season and, above all, in the playoffs. The colleagues of Yahoo Sports have reviewed the most decisive baskets of their career. Baskets that decided titles. Here we leave you. Enjoy the great Robert Horry:

– Year 1995, Conference Finals between Houston Rockets and San Antonio Spurs. First match. Basket to give the Rockets victory and give them a key field advantage that would get them through to the Finals:

– Year 1995, NBA Finals between Houston Rockets and Orlando Magic. Third match. Triple 14 seconds to go, ending the Magic’s hopes of victory.

– Year 2001, NBA Finals between Los Angeles Lakers and Philadelphia 76ers. Third match. Triple 47 seconds from the end that leaves the Sixers dry and ends the Finals.

– Year 2002, First Round of the Western Conference between the Los Angeles Lakers and Portland Trail Blazers. Third match. Triple 2 seconds from the end to give the triumph to the purple and gold.

– Year 2002, Conference Finals between Los Angeles Lakers and Sacramento Kings. Game Four. The decisive basket of the tie against the Kings in an impressive game. Robert Horry saved Bryant and company

– Year 2005, NBA Finals between San Antonio Spurs and Detroit Pistons. Game five. The most remembered shot of his career. Assisted by Ginobili. NBA history