Inflammation is the way in which numerous diseases and health conditions manifest themselves. Know the list of the 6 most powerful foods to attack chronic inflammation

Due to the current global health crisis that we are going through, the routine and habits in the purchase of food have been affected; enjoy a weekend touring local markets and selecting fresh foods and seasonal, for the moment it has been canceled. Make purchases it has become a different task and to some extent somewhat stressfulWe have limited our visits to supermarkets and convenience stores to the essentials.

The good news is that there are powerful medicinal food that we cannot ignore and that various medicine specialists have listed them as superstar products due to its effective effects against chronic inflammation.

1. bone broth

For those people who present inflammation of the digestive type, the bone broth is a very effective remedy. The reason is simple, bone broth has a high concentration of an amino acid called glutamine which improves the quality of intestinal cells and protects intestinal health creating a barrier. It is also a complete food, rich in collagen a protein that is related to benefits in digestive, intestinal and microbiota health; all these benefits strengthen the immune system and help the body’s defense system.

Bone broth./Photo: Shutterstock

2. Ginger

The famous Dr. Hyman has included in its list of best anti-inflammatory foods to ginger and it is that it is a key ingredient in natural medicine which is considered one of the more powerful anti-inflammatories. His great benefits are due in large part to his contained in a unique active compound called gingerol which acts effectively to decrease pain, swelling and chronic inflammation anywhere on the body. At the same time it is a spice that acts as a extraordinary antioxidant, that also It benefits cardiovascular health, protects the heart and fights various degenerative diseases. One of his great benefits is in his versatile consumption, that is why specialists recommend consume it in juices, smoothies, smoothies and infusions.
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3. Rosemary

Rosemary is considered one of the nature’s most powerful medicinal plants, this is due to its content in active principles that numerous therapeutic properties among which stands out as a great antiseptic, antispasmodic, purifying, carminative and diuretic agent. Thank you to your active and aromatic compounds is considered a great anti-inflammatory and it also stands out for its benefits for cFight bacterial infections; It is a good ally for prevent diabetes and protect the liver. Specialists recommend using it as condiment in all kinds of dishes and consume it in infusions.

Rosemary. / Photo: Pexels

4. Capsaicin

If you love spicy, you will be interested to read this Capsaicin is the active compound that all chili variants contain and it is a substance that is attributed a great antioxidant powerThanks to this, it is considered a powerful agent to fight acute inflammation and it’s good for combat all kinds of chronic diseases. At the same time it is related to benefits to decrease pain and it has the virtue of speeding up metabolism; don’t be afraid to integrate peppers or a touch of chili in your soups, creams, sauces and stews.

Red pepper. / Credit: Pxhere

5. Green tea

Although the Green Tea It is not exactly a food, we can not fail to mention it as one of the most effective medicinal treasures to attack the inflammatory processes. Its main virtue is due to its antioxidant content that benefit in many ways the operation, one of the main ones is due to its ability to remove free radicals from the body. Green tea consumption is synonymous with health, benefits brain, cardiovascular function, regulates glucose and Improves mood; certainly a great ally for stay strong during the days of confinement.

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6. Turmeric

We can’t leave without mentioning the wonderful turmeric root and is that it tops the list of foods with nature’s greatest healing potential. He is recognized as one of the most powerful anti-inflammatories and antioxidants that exist, this is due to their content in a unique active compound called curcumin that makes it the perfect ally to combat Chronic inflamation, strengthens the immune systemor, improves cardiovascular health, is a powerful digestive and protects the brain. Try to consume it in juices, smoothies, smoothies and infusions.

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