During the financial results conference, Apple confirmed that the iPhone 12 would be delayed for a few weeks. Inside this atypical release DigiTimes reported that the arrival of the different iPhone 12 could be staggered, something that now confirms again.

6.1 inches first, then the rest


We expect Apple to introduce four iPhone models: two slightly larger than the iPhone 11 Pro, one slightly larger than the iPhone 11 Pro Max, and one slightly smaller than the iPhone X or XS. Within the delay of a few weeks that Apple confirmed a few days ago for the iPhone 12, there may be a staggered release as well. This is what DigiTimes published a month ago:

Apple could launch its 5G iPhones in two stages, with two 6.1-inch models in the first and two other 6.7 and 5.4-inch devices in the second, the sources said, adding that motherboard vendors SLPs (Substrate Type PCB) for the first models have recently started shipments, and those for the second ones will start at the end of August.

Flexible board shipments for the new iPhones will peak about 2-4 weeks later than usual this year, the sources said.

Now the publication confirms, in almost the same words, that its predictions are coming true. Although we have to keep in mind that the suppliers of a particular component will not necessarily reflect the situation of the assembly lineFrom this information we can deduce that there is up to a month of lag between the arrival of the 6.1 “iPhone 12 and the 5.4” and 6.7 “model.

Two of four, starting with a Pro model and a basic one.

With this launch structure Apple would be able to cover a very important spectrum of demand for iPhonesAs the first couple to arrive would be what we call iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro for now. Buyers who want to purchase the “small” iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Pro Max should wait some extra time.

With the possible arrival of the Apple Watch Series 6, as well as a new fourth generation iPad Air, today via press releaseIt is clear that this fall will be different from the others. A situation that reminds us of the launch of the iPhone X that, although it was presented with its companions, the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Max, took longer to arrive. On that occasion, Apple opened two reservation periods, a system that could be repeated now with the arrival of the iPhone 12.

EyeDrive, this is the system that Apple uses to collect data from Apple Maps and improve autonomous driving

According to Mark Gurman today Apple will announce the date of presentation of the new iPhone, a date in which, finally, we will know the launch plans of the new iPhone as well as all its features. The wait is getting a bit long, but the products we will see promise to more than make up for it.

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