The 50 DGT radars that fined the most in Spain

The DGT publishes which have been the radars that have been least respected in recent years in Spain and, therefore, more fines. All the complete list!

Alberto de la Torre Reyes

May 12, 2021 (12:50 CET)

The 50 radars that fined the most in Spain in 2020

Engaged in a constant barrage of news in which the DGT and the Government share a leading role, the agency has published a list with the “50 fixed and section radars that are least respected”, between the years 2017 and 2020. Or, what is the same, the fixed radars that have fined the most in the last four years.

As we say, both DGT and the Government have been in the sights of motorists for a few days. The news about the implantation of futures has happened tolls on Spanish roads and possible speed reductions on secondary or conventional roads. And the figures on the number of radars what’s on our roads or what they collect, they don’t help either.

If we stick to the list of the 50 radars that have fined the most in recent years, the one located in the pTo kilometer 246 of the A7 in the province of Malaga is the absolute protagonist. In 2020 it was the cinemometer that imposed the most fines, with a total of 48,771 complaints. This dubious honor repeated in 2018, when he accumulated 54,337 fines and in 2017 it was the third most “multón” radar with 49,520 penalties. Also in 2019 it was among the 50 most efficient radars of the DGT, although in position 47.

Very effective also remains the radar located in the kilometer 478 of the AP-7 in the province of Valencia, which in 2020 sanctioned 47,711 drivers and stood at second position, while in 2019 it was the cinemometer that imposed the most sanctions, with 59,443 fines. Close the podium of the radars that fined the most in 2020 the one located in the kilometer 13 of the A-4 in Madrid, with 37,316 accumulated speeding complaints.

Next, we leave you a list of the 50 radars that fined the most in 2020:

Autonomous Community Province Vía PK Complaints Andalucía Málaga A-7 246 48,771 Comunitat Valenciana Valencia / València AP-7 478 47,711 Madrid (Community of) Madrid A-4 13 37,316 Andalucía Málaga A-7 256 34,317 Andalucía Sevilla SE-30 10 33,163 Murcia ( Region of) Murcia RM-19 17 30,617 Valencian Community Valencia / València V-31 5 30,107 Castilla-La Mancha Cuenca A-3 156 29,302 Madrid (Community of) Madrid AP-6 49 27,820 Madrid (Community of) Madrid M-40 52 26,442 Madrid (Community of) Madrid A-4 12 26,016 Madrid (Community of) Madrid A-5 12 25,996 Andalusia Granada A-92 256 25,082 Andalusia Seville A-92 83 23,180 Andalusia Malaga MA-20 10 19,645 Galicia Coruña (A) AC -11 3 19,326 Valencian Community Castellón / Castelló N-340 960 18,960 Balears (Illes) Balears (Illes) MA-1 15 16,892 Madrid (Community of) Madrid A-2 15 16,446 Castilla y León Salamanca A-66 340 15,927 Valencian Community Valencia / València A-7 337 15,781 Andalusia Seville A-92 29 15,775 Navarra (Comunidad Foral de) Navarra A -15 127 15,731 Comunitat Valenciana Alicante / Alacant N-332 140 14,581 Castilla-La Mancha Ciudad Real A-4 135 14,512 Aragón Huesca N-240 202 14,402 Galicia Lugo A-8 545 14,289 Balears (Illes) Balears (Illes) EI-600 9 14,271 Canary Islands Palmas (Las) GC-1 5 14,145 Galicia Pontevedra A-55 9 14,023 Andalusia Seville A-49 0 13,777 Comunitat Valenciana Alicante / Alacant A-70 2 13,731 Galicia Pontevedra A-55 11 13,329 Rioja (La) Rioja (La ) AP-68 78 13,134 Castilla y León Segovia A-1 125 13,030 Andalucía Málaga A-45 128 12,856 Cantabria Cantabria A-8 144 12,769 Canary Islands Santa Cruz de Tenerife TF-1 59 12,541 Castilla y León Burgos A-1 234 12,334 Castilla- La Mancha Ciudad Real A-4 230 12,328 Valencian Community Castellón / Castelló AP-7 390 12,074 Andalucía Málaga A-384 89 11,765 Andalucía Cádiz A-381 37 11,291 Galicia Pontevedra A-52 282 11,100 Castilla y León Zamora A-52 99 10,958 Madrid (Community of) Madrid A-42 13 10,780 Murcia (Region of) Murcia RM-15 13 10,758 Castilla y León Burgos A-1 194 10. 703 Andalusia Granada A-44 132 10,701 Castilla-La Mancha Toledo A-42 71 10,556

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