Dave Meltzer, the renowned journalist specializing in wrestling, gives ratings to struggles in sports entertainment. Since its first edition in 1983, Meltzer was aware of all the fights in the great event, Wrestlemania.

Previously we have published about the best operators in the history of Wrestlemania, however now it is the turn of the other side of the coin, and we will see the 5 worst Wrestlemania operators according to the Wrestling Observer.

Wrestlemania 2: Paul Orndorff vs The Magnificient Muraco

In the second edition of the showcase of the Immortals, Paul Orndorff faced Don Muraco.

At the start, Orndorff did several Body Slam in a row to Muraco. Meanwhile, the public reacted and Orndorff approached manager Mr. Fuji, who made a racist gesture at him. Both fighters spent more than ten seconds in a row fighting outside the ring, so the fight ended in a double count outside after a time of 4:10. An unremarkable opener.

Qualification: It was not rated.

Wrestlemania XXVIII: Fight for the World Heavyweight Championship: Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus

Daniel Bryan arrived at Wrestlemania 28 as a heavyweight world champion. Sheamus was the 2012 Royal Rumble winner. He could have been a well-remembered opener by the names involved but it only lasted 18 seconds. A Boot Kick gave the Irish the victory to obtain the title.

Qualification: It was not rated.

Wrestlemania 13: Fatal 4 Way to Determine Contestants # 1 at WWF World Tag Team Championships: The Headbangers vs. Doug Furnas and Phil LaFon vs. The New Blackjacks vs. Henry and Phineas Godwinn

We are in 1997, a year of great changes in the federation. The Immortals’ showcase began with a fight from the tag team. It was 10 minutes of action where The Headbangers They took the victory in a match with 2 disqualifications during the contest. Thrasher covered Phineas with a Diving Senton.

Qualification: -1.5 stars

Wrestlemania 14: Royal Battle to Determine Contestants # 1 at the WWF World Tag Team Championships:

This Wrestlemania would go down in history to mark the beginning of the Attitude Era. However the night would start with a Battle Royal to determine the World Tag Team Challengers. A filler fight inside the undercard. The Legion of Doom 2000 They won a 15-Tag Teams Battle Royal, earning a chance at the WWF Tag Team Championship in In Your House: Unforgiven.

Qualification: -1.5 stars.

Wrestlemania 2000: D’Lo Brown and the Godfather vs. Big Bossman and Bull Buchanan

The first Wrestlemania of the new millennium began with the fight between D ’Lo Brown and The Godfather facing Big Bossman and Bull Buchanan. Buchanan took the victory with a Diving Leg Drop. Those involved in the fight weren’t the most talented in the ring so the fight wasn’t exactly 5-star.

Qualification: 0.25 stars.

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