We said a few days ago that Ricky Rubio and Marc Gasol were in the shortlist to be players of the Golden State Warriors next season, but in recent days other names have been added that can make Steve Kerr’s boys a fearsome team again.

06/13/2020 03:06

Without much salary space available, GSW could look for some second-line reinforcement to return to compete next season for the NBA ring.

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The Warriors season has gone from bad to worse. The Oakland team began releasing the flag, but knowing that it would be difficult to get into the playoff, since Kevin Durant left and Klay Thompson would be injured all season. When 10 games hadn’t been played, Stephen Curry broke his hand and his hopes ran out.

Bob Myers and his assistants know they have Curry, Thompson and Green for next year. In addition, in the draft they will have one of the first five elections to be the worst team of the season and they have the Wiggins contract, which may still be appealing to some team.

With these wigs we are going to review the 5 signings with which the Warriors dream to return the team to the top and the reasons, according to the colleagues of NBC Sports.

John Collins

Reasons: The Atlanta Hawks power forward has proven himself to be a great versatile and could work in both 4 and 5. He could work immediately, as his last two years have been magnificent and he is only 22 years old. Its great must is the ease with which it is loaded with fouls, so it would have to be improved.
Contractual Status: You have one year left on your rookie contract, at a rate of $ 4.14 million.
Availability: Hawks general manager Travis Schlenk spent 13 years in the Warriors, making him a great contact. In addition, in February I signed Capela who is another type of player, but he is also a center and has a very high contract.

Robert Covington

Reasons: Within a quintet with small crowds, Covington can use his wingspan to aid the team’s rebounding ability. He is a great defender and another player with a physique similar to him as Igouadala worked very well in Kerr’s scheme.
Contractual situation: You have two years of contract and you have 25 million to collect.
Availability: The Rockets know the value of Covington. But they need to sell to save money. Its president, Tilman Ferttita, is more thrifty than Joe Lacob, owner of the Warriors.

Aaron Gordon

Reasons: He is a good rebounder. The Warriors are in need of more athletic players on the team. He is a solid defender in various positions and has great scoring ability. Finally, the Magic player likes a lot in the offices.
Contractual situation: He has two years left on his contract in which he has signed 34.45 million plus incentives.
Availability: The Magic have not known how to take advantage of all their talent and Gordon does not want to wait any longer to aspire to win the ring. Your contract is difficult to move, but it will do its best.

Jrue Holiday

Reasons: He is a great defender and an excellent teammate and would give the « Splash Brothers » an excellent break. It could even play as a small forward.
Contractual situation: You have two years left, but here comes the problem. You still have to collect 51.7 million
Availability: The Pelicans want to grow around their young nucleus made up of Zion Williamson, Brandon Ingram and Lonzo Ball, all under the age of 22. They would release a contract, but it is so high that another team would inevitably have to go into the trade.

Marcus Smart

Reasons: Smart’s defense is known to all NBA fans. He would be a great substitute, giving Thompson a necessary break. In addition, he is not a bad scorer and has a percentage higher than 35%.
Contractual status: You also have two years left. The Celtics player has yet to collect 26.8 million plus 1 for incentives.
Reasons: It is one, but it is very obvious. The greens have to transfer to a player to take the final step and Smart has all the ballots.