The 5 Most Famous Female Idols From Japan

Something that distinguishes the members of BTS is that they are incredibly kind and with a super noble personality, which, added to their talent, can also be a bit wild, especially with disrespectful people

Culture K-pop It is distinguished by having the most faithful fandom of all, which is in charge of supporting with all its love the most important exponents of this genre, so the admiration they feel for the main female figures of this movement is very important to them. , which is now almost universal.

It is that the K-pop community grows in the world exponentially and fills their hearts with joy when seeing their favorite groups or idols. Recently, a list produced by Nehan, the website related to the K-pop Japan’s largest, so the groups featured there are backed by genuine knowledge of the genre and the industry.

Therefore, we tell you which ones are in the top 5 among the most accepted and loved female idols in Japan:

UI found her passion for dance from a young age. Instagram photo

UI: She found her passion for singing and decided to become a singer after being applauded for a performance she gave at her school’s sports competition. A representative from the agency stated, « IU will release a digital single on May 6 and will also release a music video along with her music. »

Sana is highly praised. Instagram photo

Sana (TWICE): She is highly praised for her musical talent, and admired for her charisma and fun. Before joining JYP Entertainment, she was studying at a dance academy in Osaka. She was called by JYP Entertainment when she was shopping with a friend in Japan. She was in ninth grade at the time and was hesitant to accept the offer at first, but was a huge fan of Dream High. When the casting director told her that Wooyoung and Suzy were in the company, she immediately accepted the offer.

Naeun, is a member of the musical group April. Instagram photo

Naeun (APRIL): She is better known as Naeun, a South Korean singer, actress, and MC. He is a member of the musical group April. She is an artist highly valued for her joy and the light she transmits to her companions.

Mina, is a member of TWICE. Instagram photo

Mina (TWICE): She is a member of TWICE, and she is one of the most loved in Japan, she directly tells us what the group is, where joy and friendship prevail. Mina trained in ballet from a young age, practicing it for over a decade before debuting with Twice.

Miyawaki joined HKT48’s first generation Kenkyūsei in July 2011. Photo Instagram

Sakura (IZ * ONE): And here we meet the most beloved female idol in Japan, who has worked hard for years, and we have seen her many changes and evolution. Miyawaki joined HKT48’s first generation Kenkyūsei in July 2011. She debuted on October 23 of the same year, already as an official member of HKT48.

In 2018, Miyawaki joined the Korean survival show PRODUCE 48 and was selected as the center of the theme song « PICK ME. » She placed second in the final and debuted on October 29, 2018 as a member of IZ * ONE. Do you agree with this list?

K-pop fandom experienced an incredible ‘UNI-KON’

The world of K-pop is celebrating, and it is that the main exponents of this musical genre offered an online concert, organized by the new K-pop platform « Universe », which left 2.6 million viewers around the world wanting more .

According to reports, the online concert « UNI-KON » was broadcast live on Sunday for free, attracting some 2.6 million people from 164 countries. The SP portal revealed that this musical meeting served to publicize the start of the platform of K-pop ‘Universe’, from the South Korean online video game giant NCSOFT Corp.

All 14 K-pop artists – Kang Daniel, The Boyz, Monsta X, Park ji-Hoon, Cix, Astro, Iz * one, (g) i-dle, oh my girl, Cosmic girls or Wjsn, Ab6ix, Ateez, Wei and Cravity- performed a total of 46 songs; while Kang Daniel mentioned that he hopes that the “UNI-KON” concert has been a gift to everyone who enjoyed it.