The 5 keys to Roger Federer’s game on grass

Came back Wimbledon after a year of absence and he does so by giving us back the memory of what happened in 2019, in that magnificent final that we lived between Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic, a duel decided by details and where the Serbian raised two match points to lift the title in the All England Tennis Club. The Swiss, just days after turning 40, returns to his fetish tournament and again, he will be one of the candidates for the title, despite not coming at his best and that happens because there is something in his tennis that makes him the grass suits him like a glove.

Years may go by, Roger continues to add figures at his age, and the Swiss will continue to be one of the main candidates to win at Wimbledon. Eight are the titles that the Swiss has raised in the Cathedral of tennis. He is the highest historical winner of the tournament and that is not the result of chance. There are several keys in his game that make Federer do so much damage when he plays on grass.

Roger Federer’s secret at Wimbledon

We have carried out a detailed analysis of Federer’s game to discover the reason for his success in a tournament whose tour is barely three weeks old and which is so difficult for the vast majority of tennis players on the circuit to acclimatize. Because this is a surface that requires a lot of time to adapt and players don’t have many tournaments in the year to do it. To him, unlike many others, it comes very natural and he acclimates as if he had been playing on it all his life.

Find out what are the five keys that we have highlighted from Federer’s game and discover what his secret really is at Wimbledon. Would you add any other? We read you in comments.

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