Have you heard of the Employer Branding or employer brand? Do you know what is it about? If you are familiar, you may have heard about employee branding, recruitment and marketing.

Let’s start defining and differentiating these three terms. Employer branding is the reputation and image that you want to create of a company-brand so that the talent out there wants to work there, or at least at first locate them and be among the desired employers. Recruitment marketing is an employer branding tool, using marketing techniques to recruit talent, with that particular objective. And employee branding are all the techniques and tools that are used inward so that people speak well of the company and are happy giving their best working there.

Broadly speaking, the difference between these three is that employee is inside, and employer and recruitment is outside. Employer and employee branding are much higher goals, more generally than individuals, and recruitment is already a particular goal of employer branding.

Now, what happens when a talent wants to be employed in a particular company or industry? What are those techniques that you use or should be used to be called? I was looking for terms and studies on the subject and I found talent marketing which is more like recruitment marketing, giving me the conclusion that for now there is no specific word or concept for that topic.

According to my experience, I can suggest that it be called job personal branding, or perhaps, job search marketing or I even thought about dream job marketing, right? I know there are a lot of headhunters working both ways, but if someone wants to position and self-employ their dream brand, what could be done to work at Nike if it’s your dream, or maybe Sony, or maybe David Drug. What techniques should you use?

I have read many cases and have even had particular experiences during my career. Now for sparks, really creative or strategic moments and great but isolated actions, I’m not sure if it’s some kind of marketing and if it should be, but why not?

So, for you who have just graduated, are about to graduate or are just in a job transition, looking for that ideal job, I recommend the following 5 hacks (eye, from the perspective of employer and marketing expert):

Forge your steel, your sword: Develop a CV or book as strong as steel, bulletproof and critical, helping you with tools such as behance or your own website (on any platform, yes, Wix is ​​valid), I value a thousand times plus that they send me their league and not a file of 15 megabytes and also in Zip.
Be disruptive in your approach. I’ve heard and seen everything, from sending an original video instead of a writing, since you make your own manifesto, to send a kit with what you are and what you want to become. Even if you don’t send anything, you show up and knock on the door and show yourself, really how you are and who you are.
Take shortcuts. Yes, just as it sounds. They have always told us not to take shortcuts that to get high you have to screw for years, etc. But then, what is social capital for? What are connections for (I mean the good ones)? What is LinkedIn and other social networks for? Find how to reach that person to have that great position in that company of your dreams as soon as possible.
What if you apply inbound marketing? If instead of searching, do you work methods for them to find you? You never heard the story, which is perhaps a myth, of a publicist who, in order to work with an advertising guru, used his name and surname as a domain so that when he looked for himself in the networks, he found that great diamond raw.
None of the above applies if you do not work on your speech one by one, if you do not work on your soft skills and above all, if you do not develop such confidence and determination (without being mamerto) so that nobody dares to say no to you and they want to work with that person full of skills but above all attitude that wants to learn from the best.

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