There is only one day left for the wait of all the fans of the NBA come to an end. The bubble of Orlando will witness three months of the best basketball in the world with matches Jazz vs Pelicans and the Los Angeles derby as starters.

However, in this article, we will review the 5 conclusions that these games have left us, taking into account that it is not possible to know what level of demand the players have placed and we have seen games in which there has not been too much intensity.

1. The New Orleans Pelicans, the only team that has won it all

The preseason that the pupils of Alvin Gentry have made has been immaculate. 3 wins in 3 games and with a +67 that makes it clear that they have passed over their rivals. As if this were not enough, they have faced teams that are going to fight for important things and they have done it without Zion Williamson. All Pelicans fans have hopes of achieving that Playoff spot that seems so far away in the rookie right now, but the team has shown that it’s not just Zion.

07/27/2020 09:07

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The team started with a victory by more than 30 points against the Nets, who have come with many casualties and who were not a rival to take into account, but it did not end there. The other two games were against the Nuggets and the Bucks, teams that will fight for the championship and although in the case of the Colorado team it should not be taken into account due to the number of casualties it had, they are two prestigious victories.

2. Antetokoumpo continues at the MVP level

« The Greek Freak » is demonstrating superiority that has rarely been seen. His physical exuberance continues to overtake all the rivals and the coaches of the teams that have to beat the Bucks if they want in the ring, they are racking their brains about how to stop Giannis.

In just under 20 minutes of play on average, the Greek has averaged more than 22 points. The most incredible thing about this is that he does it as if it didn’t cost him. The Bucks are one of the great favorites to the ring and if Antetokoumpo continues at this level they will be very close to achieving it.

3. The Raptors are ready to defend their title

Experts still find it difficult for Canadians to have the ability to reach a new NBA Finals, but they are still determined to show that the team that wants to defeat them is going to have to sweat Chinese ink to do so.

Despite the loss against the Suns, in a game where most of the minutes were let go, the Raptors have achieved two victories against important teams such as the Blazers or the Rockets with a high-level Ibaka.

4. The Blazers have not been comfortable

It seems clear that the Lakers will take first place in the Western Conference and any member of the team you ask will probably tell you that the team they would rather not face is the Blazers. But apparently in the preseason, the Oregon team has a very difficult time getting into the top eight.

Stotts is unable to find a place for Nurkic and Collins in the team, Lillard is having physical problems and Carmelo is not at the level he showed in the last games before the break. Now the important thing arrives, but with so little time to train, it is not clear that Portland can solve its problems.

5. The Lakers can count on JR and Waiters

The signings of players like JR Smith or Dion Waiters are always difficult to assess. Regularity is not one of its virtues, so a good game cannot be taken into account. However, both players have been very involved and having two such scorers on the bench is very necessary.

Neither is ready to start, but if they can give the Lakers a good 15 to 20 minutes, Vogel will have a lot of cattle and the ring will be closer.