The 5 Best Weapons of the Stone Age

Ubisoft’s Critical Far Primary weapons are super unique to the series. These island madness sims have always had a pension for creative weaponry, but with Primal, Far Cry harkens back to the Stone Age. Clubs, spears, and slings are not the most common weapons in video games, and most shooters prefer more modern tools, such as crowbars.

Far Cry Primal was released as a standalone expansion of the fourth game, which followed the redefinition of the Far Cry3 series. Players will swap their weapons, stealth tactical armor, and smiley face shovels for spears and sticks while playing on the ground ahead of time. With such a wide range of Stone Age weaponry, here are the top five pieces of gear players should look for.

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The one-handed club is a relatively inexpensive weapon to craft, requiring only the basic alder wood. When fully upgraded, the weapon has high damage and durability, making it a great choice for close combat. He also has the ability to hit multiple enemies at once, which is incredibly valuable in Primal.

When you compare the one-handed suit to the two-handed suit from the last game, the choice comes down to speed versus damage. Fully improved, the two-handed club deals more damage per hit, but hits are much slower than the one-handed stick. It can be tempting to use the two-handed club exclusively, but a fully upgraded one-handed club only deals slightly less damage than the two-handed version and moves at almost twice the speed.


Spears are a great combination of ranged and melee weapons, making the reuse of ranged weapons more reliable in close combat. Ranged ammunition such as spears and arrows can be recovered and reused by the player. Since they can be an effective melee weapon with an even more powerful ranged attack, and since the spear is one of the first weapons the player can use, it is a good choice to hold onto the Primal of the Far Clan.

The versatility quickly compensates for the weapon’s lower damage and durability, even when fully upgraded. Another downside is that the weapon is slightly more expensive than stronger weapons, but worth more than the extra alder wood.

Double arch

The bow on the Primal fills the role of a fairly standard ranged weapon, although its low damage output leaves a lot to be desired. This is arranged with the double bow. True to its name, the double bow shoots two arrows at once, allowing players to target two enemies simultaneously. Even with a slight decrease in accuracy, the double bow is essential for the bow to adapt to damage from other weapons.

The double bow is also a much less expensive upgrade compared to the long-range alternative, the long bow. The double bow requires Jayma to be in the player’s village in order to make crafts and be promoted to level two. Although players will use two arrows at the same time, ammo consumption should not be an issue as ammo can be easily recovered.


The sling offers a high risk, high reward range option that also provides a reliable way to deal with armored enemies. Most of the range options are not capable of piercing through hardware, making them quite ineffective against armored targets. However, with the « Precision Sling » skill, players can pierce the hull using the sling and take advantage of the weapon’s greatest attribute: Its ability to kill most human enemies in one hit.

Despite the sling’s general reputation as a basic weapon, carrying a stone to the head with enough force is enough to kill almost anyone, and Primal reflects this deadly efficiency. Melee weapons and bows can be more consistent and make damage distribution easier, but slings are one of the few consistent ways to take out an armored target from a distance, as bows will be much less effective.

Throwing shards

Similar to the sling, shard throwing provides players with a range option against armored targets. At level two, the standard launch shard can pierce most skins. Shards are effectively a cheaper alternative to the sling providing a few more options for use. For example, players can craft berserker shards that make enemies attack each other.

The sling may be a better alternative to shards because slings have unlimited ammunition, but it is important to note that shards are going to be much cheaper to make compared to the sling. The shards serve their purpose as a good backup weapon to use when all else fails. Like the sling, the shards kill most enemies with a single headshot.