The video game industry has become one of the most profitable in the entertainment world. Since it showed the potential to be more than just a fashion in the 1970s, we have seen how various titles have become authentic cultural phenomena thanks to their impressive sales. Succeeding in this business is not simple, but the following five games that we present here, have made it look as if selling millions of copies was something extremely simple. Here are the five titles that have sold the most units in all of history.

Super Mario Bros. (48.24 M)

One of the most important games of all time. The legacy of Super Mario Bros. remains somewhat incalculable because of how it caused the public to believe in videogames again after the strong crisis caused by Atari in 1983. The language of this title with which the spectacularly successful Nintendo Entertainment debuted. System is universal. No matter how old you are or your training, you just have to put your hands on the control to understand what is happening on the screen and what you have to do, this without the need for the game itself or someone else to explain it. Almost 50 million cartridges reached the hands of users worldwide.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (60 M)

All phenomenon had its origin and very likely, if we sat down to analyze the situation, we could realize that the now world-famous PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds better known as PUBG, was the one that made the so-called Battle Royale fashionable. Surely right now you are wondering “where was Fortnite?” Let’s remember that although the title of Epic Games ended up being much bigger, this is a free to play, that is, you do not have to pay for a copy to be able to play, unlike PUBG, which, can presume to have sold more 60 million units that to date, many people continue to enjoy.

Wii Sports (82.88 M)

After the Nintendo 64 and Gamecube fell far short of sales expectations and what their direct competitors accomplished, Nintendo knew that a radical decision had to be made to emerge from a fight that it clearly could not win. Thus, the minds of Kyoto got to work and came up with the concept of the Wii, a console that introduced motion controls again with the promise that they would now work. In a short time, the product became a success and the vast majority assure that this was thanks to something called Wii Sports, a sports game that basically anyone could take and have a great time. Almost 90 million Wii Sports are currently in homes around the world.

Grand Theft Auto V (120 M)

The great phenomenon of Rockstar Games. For a long time now, the name of Grand Theft Auto has become synonymous with very high sales, so for the fifth great installment of this beloved series, its developers decided to basically create the most expensive game of all time. The project is estimated to have consumed nearly $ 290 million, which nearly tripled in 24 hours after Grand Theft Auto V was officially launched. Of course, since that September 2013, the copies of this title have not stopped flying off the shelves, achieving that they can boast of being the second best marketed title of all time with the not inconsiderable amount of 120 million copies sold and counting.

Minecraft (170 M)

Who would have thought that when everyone was just talking about ultra realistic HD graphics, a young Swede would come along with a curious simple graphics video game to change everything and create one of the strongest pop culture icons of recent years. That’s right, a title based on the literal construction of your own fun stole the attention of everyone, this with its particular cubic visual style and large pixels in its textures. In a short time and still in beta, it began to become a snowball that simply could not be stopped anymore and currently represents one of the most profitable platforms in the entire entertainment world. Minecraft rises as the best-selling video game of all time, since throughout its almost 10 years of existence, it has placed more than 170 million copies in the hands of users.