The 5 best places in the world to survive a collapse of global society

A study revealed the best places in the world to survive the apocalypse, and some billionaires are already buying property there.

It is no longer about dystopias. From various branches of knowledge, scientists from around the world agree that the collapse of society is looming. Although it is true that many of them belong to the most skeptical wing of humanity’s subsistence, it is a reality that the United Nations Organization has set a series of objectives to be achieved in the next decade, if we want our planet to be habitable by 2040.

In contrast, there are experts who assure that few places on the planet will be suitable for life in the coming decades. As a consequence of the uncontrollable rises in the planet’s temperature, the climatic emergency will affect the forms of life and the place where we live throughout the world. These have been called “persistent complexity nodes“. This is how they work.

What are and where are the persistent complexity nodes?

Photography: Aaron Sebastian / Unsplash

Tasmania, New Zealand, Iceland, Ireland, the United Kingdom and the United States. These are the 5 places that a team of scientists from the University of Cambridge categorized as ‘persistent complexity nodes’, among all countries on the planet, according to coverage by The New York Times. The fact that these places are safe in terms of their habitability with the climate emergency it has nothing to do with your level of development or carbon footprint.

On the contrary, some of them – like the United Kingdom and the United States – are world powers that pollute and drill the poles in favor of get resources for fossil fuels. In fact, this list has been met with skepticism from other scientific disciplines, because disregard military might of other powers and overvalue the condition of the islands against the advance of the sea.

For example, Professor Aled Jones, director of the Institute for Global Sustainability at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge, says that ‘we will be lucky ‘ if we can survive the changes brought about by the climate crisis. No matter where each person is, it will be a matter of chance who can really maintain your lifestyle as we have carried it up to now.

We suggest: A study ensures that the collapse of world civilization will occur in 2040

No reason to celebrate

society collapsePhotography: Sage Friedman / Unsplash

The scientists who conducted the study assure that lhumanity is in a “dangerous state”. There is increasing evidence that the global climate crisis is also a health crisis, which is why more pandemics with still-nameless diseases will hit the planet in the coming years. For this reason, they will cause instability in the mortality rates of the world, since these changes also have a physiological and reproductive impact in our species.

The study was originally published in Sustainability, and in it, Jones expresses concern that “we may learn faster than in the past that resilience is important. ” Either way, as if the problem was really solved with money, several families of billionaires are buying land in New Zealand, according to coverage by The Guardian.

Concerned about the massive population of several countries, scientists assure that resilience should be considered as an imperative in the sustainable global planning from now on. In any case, concludes correspondent Heather Murry for The New York Times, with the impending collapse of society, “no country will have reason to celebrate“.

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