the 4K touchmonitor that improves your productivity

If there is one thing that the pandemic caused by covid-19 has made clear, it is that we need to have the best equipment (monitors, chairs, mice, keyboards …) to be able to work from anywhere. With the introduction of teleworking, we need to have the same tools at home that help us to be as productive as in the workplace.

However, not everyone can set up a complete office in their home, and optimizing space and resources becomes a key factor. Taking a look at the market, the most used tool almost since its inception is the laptop. However, on many occasions, its performance is a bit limited and you have to connect a series of peripherals to help us improve it. But of course, this directly collides with optimizing space and resources.

For a few years, there has been a figure that has been gaining weight as one of the best tools for productivity, the All in One, and now they have reached the world of monitors. They combine in a single product a touch screen, compatible with a high-performance pencil with which to write, take notes or even draw and that, in addition, has a camera and sound equipment at the level of the best on the market. The result is the best ally to improve our productivity, at home or at work.

Thanks to its 1,024 pressure points, the stylus is the best tool for designers in programs like AutoCAD or Photoshop.

This is the Flex monitor from Newline. A monitor whose name refers to two of its most important characteristics: on the one hand, the flexibility to adjust to the needs of each person and, on the other, to the possibility of choosing the posture and the degree of inclination that we need to be able to work better. Let’s see it in detail.

A touch screen with incredible precision and response time

The first thing we have to do is connect our equipment to the Flex monitor. It is a process as simple as Plug and Play, through any of its ports. Specifically, it has the following outputs: one USB-C port, one HDMI 2.0 port, one USB-A 3.0 port, one USB-B 3.0 port and two 3.5mm Jack outputs, one for input and one for audio output.

Once connected, we can almost forget about it completely and start working directly on the 27-inch screen with 4K resolution. Using the low-latency stylus that it includes, we can use our monitor as a notebook or even as a blank document on which to draw. This function is practical for everyone, but much more so for all those who regularly use drawing or design programs.

The stylus responds precisely, and using it on such a screen is a smooth and fluid experience. This is mainly due to its 1024 pressure points that allows the user even to use it for design programs. It should also be mentioned that it is not a pencil with Bluetooth connectivity and that it only synchronizes with the Flex monitor, not with the equipment you connect, which greatly simplifies its use by not having to constantly pair them.

The pencil itself also features two physical buttons with which to invoke functions such as quickly switch to the eraser or display the menu of options that we have on the right button of a conventional mouse.

When we are done and we no longer need it, and in order not to lose it, we will only have to bring it closer to the monitor frame and, thanks to its magnet, sticks firmly.

A new level in video conferencing

With the increase in teleworking, applications for videoconferencing are the most downloaded. Physical meetings, both professional and between family and friends, have given way to virtual meetings. In this sense, the vast majority of us appreciate to be able to enjoy a good quality of image and sound in the people with whom we speak. We all have in mind that blurry image and that dirty, metallic sound of low-end devices.

Flex is compatible with most computers, whether they are Windows or Mac computers or even smartphones. Just plug it in and start using it.

The Newline Flex monitor solves that because it is equipped with a removable camera with 4K resolution that not only offers the best image quality, but also recognizes us to be able to unlock access functions. In addition, in case we are moving, for example while making a presentation, thanks to its 120º viewing angle we will always be within the plane.

As for sound, Flex incorporates a 20W 2.1 speaker system with Subwoofer, to hear even the deepest sounds clearer. In the microphone section, they will also hear us more clearly thanks to its eight microphones and its noise cancellation system. Videoconferences, from now on, will be the same as if they were held in person.

An All in One compatible with most computers

Perhaps one of your questions about the Flex monitor is, will it be compatible with my equipment? The answer is that it is compatible with most devices. For example, Mac computers where, if we use programs like AutoCAD or Photoshop, we can also use the touch pen.

But not only with computers, what about smartphones? Well, with the mobile phones that we have today on the market, more and more powerful and complete, many people want to connect a monitor or other peripheral to get more out of it. The Flex monitor can also be connected to a smartphone with a USB-C cable.

Lastly, the Newline Flex monitor is also compatible with other peripherals such as mice or keyboards. And it can be done in two ways, connecting them using the monitor’s USB ports or connecting them to our computer. The recognition is automatic and can be used without any problem.

In summary, if you are looking to mount a setup that helps you improve your work, choosing the monitor is key. You should not only look at the size or the image quality, as was done before. After reading this article, perhaps your concept of monitor has changed and now you are more aware of what a monitor like Newline Flex can offer. If you want more information about this and other products, we recommend that you visit their website.

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