The $ 35,000 Tesla Model 3 is again removed from the range

One of the unexpected novelties of the new Tesla Model 3 2021 or “Refresh” is the elimination of the hidden Standard Range variant of the electric sedan. The promised $ 35,000 access variant of the model that was never made available as such, it was actually a superior variant powered by software with the sole reason of fulfilling the promise of launching a Model 3 at that price.

Several sources claim that the maligned Tesla Model 3 Standard Range, the supposed access variant of the American electric sedan, has finally ceased to be available, despite the fact that it never actually made it into the company’s official catalog. According to these reports, this $ 35,000 version will no longer be available after the arrival of the new 2021 model o Model 3 «Refresh».

The entry-level variant of the Model 3 range, or as it was known for years, the $ 35,000 Tesla Model 3, has been a real stone in the shoe for the marketing managers of the American firm. From the first advertisements of Tesla’s mid-size electric sedan, it was dubbed by company spokesmen the “Electric Model for the Masses,” the “Budget Tesla,” or the “$ 35,000 Tesla.” one of the few data revealed by the company during the years that it was announcing the model. Hence the company received a lot of criticism from some analysts and media when the model was finally launched and its actual price was found to be significantly higher than promised.

Interior of the Tesla Model 3 Standard Range, specific for this version and recognizable by its black fabric linings.

In principle, the excuse that the company used the most was that for financial reasons they had to focus first on the highest and most expensive variants, and then launch the cheapest ones. A move that has nothing strange and that is usually made by car manufacturers, however, the reality is that the model was never launched as such. Officially it was only available in the brand’s configurator for a few weeks, between March and April 2019, to later become an option that It could only be requested at the company’s points of sale or by phone. Anyone looking for this version since April 2019 has not been able to find it on the company’s website, supposedly its main official sales channel.

Capped version

Although no less curious was the configuration of the few units delivered of this version, whose official name is Model 3 Standard Range, because instead of having the batteries and the announced equipment, customers actually received the superior version, the Model 3 Standard Range Plus, with batteries capped by software and very different equipment, the same as the version to which those copies really belong and that includes heated seats with electric adjustment and synthetic leather upholstery instead of the seats upholstered in cloth with manual adjustment and without heating, or elements such as the overhead audio system and the LED fog lights.

In short, so far there has not been a single report or test showing that Tesla has delivered a single copy of the announced $ 35,000 or Model 3 Standard Range with its corresponding configuration. What we have found are reports from users of the brand ensuring that when this version is requested, automatically, sellers try to refer the customer to the next higher version. Although that will no longer be necessary, as several reports assure that this version has already disappeared from the new 2021 offer, the one released with the recent update of the model. Supposedly, There are still units in stock of this version corresponding to the 2020 model.

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