Go from being one of the best teams in history to go down to the hells of the NBA just a year later, it shouldn’t be a tasteful dish for anyone. That is why from the offices of the Golden State Warriors They are already working to become a fearsome team again.

06/30/2020 08:06

The Bay team already thinks about next season and dreams of names that would be very scary. Among them Gordon, Holiday or Smart stand out

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In the last few days we have reviewed the players who could be part of the Oakland team squad next season. Well now we are going to focus on the players who can pack their bags and leave for another destination, according to Bluemanhoop.

Mark Chriss

Mark Chriss has done everything possible to show that the Warriors have to count on him for next season, but it was not an easy season for him. At just 22 years old, he thinks he has found a place to stay for many years and he doesn’t want anyone to steal his dream.

He who was number 8 in the 2016 draft will have a chance in the Oakland preseason, but it seems difficult that he can have a place in a lineup that wants to be luxurious. The power forward will try to convince Kerr that the day Alfonzo McKinnie was cut off for him, they were not wrong.

Injuries have been a constant in the career of a player who was expected a lot, but who neither in Phoenix, nor in Houston, nor in Cleveland managed to prove his worth.

Andre Wiggins

The number 1 of the 2014 draft has it very difficult to stay on the Bay team. If the Warriors wants to have enough salary space to sign someone of renown they have to release the contract of the Canadian player.

In addition, Wiggins has played throughout his forward and shooting guard career and the latter position is very well covered with Klay Thompson. His season with the Oakland ones has not been too bright, like none of his campaigns with the Timberwolves, so it seems very difficult for next season to share an initial 5 with Curry, Thompson or Green.

Jordan Poole

Another player who plays shooting guard and doesn’t seem like he can stay on the Warriors roster. The contracts that can be released can be yours or Paschall’s and there is no question which of the two has done better season.

While Poole has not reached 9 points per game. Paschall’s season is remarkable. Matches of more than 30 points and an average that reaches 14. In addition, with great minutes in defense, which means that there is no discussion of who deserves a place in the Kerr squad more, for the season that comes.