The 2022 iPad Pro would debut Apple’s 3-nanometer processor

Apple would be working, hand in hand with TSMC, on a processor based on 3 nm technology. The SoC would debut in the iPad Pro models that the brand would launch in 2022, according to Nikkei.

3nm technology will bring significant improvements over current Apple processors, which are based on 5nm technology. Specifically, and according to TSMC, they will provide a 10-15% faster processing speed. Energy consumption will also be reduced between 25% and 30%. The new chipset, yes, would go into production during the second half of next year, which suggests that we will not see new iPad Pro with this processor until the end of 2022.

The source does not mention the exact model of the processor at any time. However, and taking into account that the current iPad Pro has an M1 chip, it could be a 3rd generation Apple Silicon chip, SoC that is also included in Macs. At the end of September, Apple is expected to announce new MacBook Pro models with 14- and 16-inch displays. These would also include a new generation Apple Silicon processor, but everything indicates that they will maintain a 5 nanometer technology.

Therefore, in late 2022, when the 3nm chip goes into production, Apple you could also renew your Macs with this new processor, thus coinciding with the update cycle that the company is showing with its new equipment.

3mm chips for the iPad Pro and 4nm for the 2022 iPhone

iPhone 12 Pro

The aforementioned source has also revealed that the 2022 iPhone may not include a 3 nm chip “for programming reasons.” Instead, the processor will be 4 nanometers. This chipset could be the same as the iPad Air announced next year. Rumors also predict a launch of new iPads by the end of this year or early 2022, but these would retain a 5-nanometer processor.

The 2022 iPad ProAccording to Bloomberg, they will come with a glass back, which will provide the device with wireless charging, just like the current iPhone. Future models will also be able to charge other devices in reverse. Apple is also considering announcing iPad models with screens up to 16 inches in the future.

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