Yesterday we echoed in SPORT of the brief of allegations presented by the League against the Spanish Football Federation in the face of the proposal for European positions approved in its Executive Committee. A document that reveals many of the dates on which both the League and UEFA are currently working for the return to activity as well as for the end of this season.

04/17/2020 at 10:54


Ramon Fuentes

The first and most important has to do with the calendar of the Champions League for the next season and it already has a start date. Its about Tuesday October 20. For that date, UEFA plans to start the first day of the group stage of the 2020-2021 season. Wednesday would be the second day, with the start date of the group stage of the Europa League remaining for Thursday 22. This is more than a month late compared to the start date of this season that started on September 16, 2019.

The qualifying round will begin much earlier, to be exact in late July-early August. It is a part of the continental competition that would only affect the sixth classified in the League or the seventh in the event that the Cup champion obtained the right to participate in European competition because he had earned it by the league classification. According to the League document, this second qualifying preview for the Europa League will be played on Thursday August 13. On Tuesday and Wednesday, the second round would take place the previous round corresponding to the Champions League.

The third big date that emerges from the document presented by Liga to which the newspaper SPORT has had access has to do with the end of the league championship. And this would always be Friday July 31 of this year. Because, as the employer’s text puts it verbatim in one of its paragraphs: “The club ranked seventh in the League, it would be known from July 31 that the Santander League competition would end.” Idea that reiterates lines later where it also makes clear that it is the end date of “the Santander League competition according to the schedules provided by UEFA”.

The league continues to argue that contracts end when the season ends

This means that the contracts of the players that end this season their contractual relationship with the clubs would last one month compared to the initial date of termination scheduled for June 30. And here the league remains inflexible in its position, understanding that they do not end until the season ends and not on this date of June 30. The employers estimate that right now this situation affects about 350 First and Second division players, between contracts and assignments. About 150 are players who end the contract and the rest are transfers. Of which 130 are transfers between Spanish teams where the case arises there would be no problems. The big problem may arise in the nearly 70 players transferred by Spanish clubs to other teams outside of Spain