The 20 best series to watch when you’re sad

Happy series, series that raise our spirits, series that make us smile … Those are the series that, from time to time, we need like May water. Surely you have felt it too: that moment when you come home, with your patience to the limit and your body on the verge of collapse, and only a good chapter in a series can bring you back to life. But most of the time, instead of going straight to that happy place, we are faced with a question: What series do I watch? The great question of our time! Don’t worry: we’re going to try to make things a little easier for you. Here are a score of ‘feel-good’ series to watch when you’re a little sad. Series with 99% happiness.

The list includes all kinds of series. For example, the recent and acclaimed ‘Ted lasso‘from Apple TV +, in which Jason sudeikis plays a football coach with utterly contagious optimism. Trust us: you’re going to want to hug him when you have a couple of episodes. The same happens with the characters that make up the main family in ‘Day to day‘, a’ sitcom ‘impregnated with the charisma of Rita Moreno and with guaranteed laughter. If sitcom is your thing, great classics like ‘The Office‘, a public favorite and incessant generator of memes, and’Parks and Recreation‘, another hilarious American comedy full of stars and a sense of humor. And we don’t forget other classics like ‘Friends‘, a more than usual option for those who need a little energy and joy, and also’Glee‘, which achieves the same effect but also with songs in the musical style.

Those and many more make up this infallible selection that you will want to have around for when you find yourself in those moments of need for joy seriéfila. Would you add any more to the list?

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Ted lasso

One of the most successful series on Apple TV + and one of the most charming comedies of recent years. You are going to want to join the religion of Ted lasso, an American football coach who travels to London to coach a different football team, and turns everyone’s low expectations into a ray of hope. Jason sudeikis he’s wonderful, and his optimism is incredibly contagious. Even if soccer is not your thing, don’t worry: this series is about much more. And all important.

The Good Place

This is literally a ‘happy place’. It’s heaven! ‘The Good Place’ starts its story with a woman, Eleanor (Kristen bell), who should have gone to hell after his death but who instead, because of a mess of names, has ended up in paradise, a place where he can get anything he wants just by asking. However, with a lot of effort, he will try to be a better person to earn his place in this wonderful place that, on the other hand, hides many secrets … It is one of the best Netflix comedy series.

Schitt’s Creek

Multi-award-winning in its final season, this comedy is perfect for those looking for unapologetic laughter. Created by Dan Levy and Eugene Levy, follows the wealthy Rose family, who lose their entire fortune and are forced to live in the last of their remaining properties: a house in the town of Schitt’s Creek that they bought as a joke. It’s hilarious from start to finish.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

If one day you have a very gray day, you would like to have a friend like Kimmy Schmidt (Ellie kemper). His hyperactivity, hyper-joy and constant hyperself smile is so contagious that even the divo Tituss succumbs to his charms. As surreal, delusional and absurd as the best of Saturday Night Live skits.

Jane the virgin

What begins as an ingenious parody of Latin American soap operas ends up becoming, in its own right, an authentic representative of the genre: impossible problems, passionate love affairs, family entanglements and crimes awaiting an answer. This series headed by the charismatic Gina Rodriguez it has literally everything. It is one of the best series to learn English.

Day to day

The purest Cuban spirit sneaks into this hilarious series about a single mother who struggles every day to raise her family, made up of two teenagers, a hyper-religious grandmother and a neighbor with childhood trauma. The expressiveness of Justina machado, sometimes taken to the extreme, that this sitcom becomes one of the most underrated in recent years.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Yes Rachel Bloom not able to make you laugh, take the ship and turn to Vulcan. The youtuber turned actress stars in this series, of which she is also the creator, where a woman’s obsession to recover her childhood love becomes a kind of musical soap opera with social and feminist reflections. Safety pin! Of course, it is one of those Netflix series that do not look good but are quite good.

Parks and recreation

Wherever i am Amy poehler, the comedy is assured. And if you also add to Aubrey plaza, Chris pratt or Aziz ansari, we don’t even talk anymore. This series leaves you in small doses of delusional humor and documentary format the heroine’s feat to turn an abandoned land into a successful park. Will it succeed?

Adventure Time

In less than a decade it has become a cult series. And it is that the surreal adventures of these two companions, an orphan teenager and a dog with magical powers, in The Land of Ooo has not left anyone indifferent. As funny as it is crazy, it is the animated series you need if you want to see something totally removed from your reality.

The Big Bang Theory

We already know that, when you come back from work, the first thing you do is put the TNT on and get carried away by that episode of The Big Bang Theory that you have already seen five times and that you know by heart. If this happens, as it has always happened to us with The Simpsons, it is for something: because it always manages to put us in a good mood. The end of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ left us shattered, but luckily we can always go to the beginning and start over.


Literally ‘scoundrel’! This series follows the daily vicissitudes of an unusual family, led by a carefree alcoholic father (William H. Macy) and made up of a good group of wild children who will make you laugh and cry like never before. A series that deserves more recognition, because it is great!

Silicon Valley

Steve Jobs I would be proud of this series, and of the nice ‘freaks’ that star it. Roommates and tech geniuses all seek success in their discoveries so they can keep paying the rent, while we viewers revel in their funny and clever dialogues.

New Girl

In ‘500 days together’, Zooey Deschanel He showed that he has charisma and charm to spare to star in his own series. And here it is: a comedy that presents the situation of coexistence between the young woman and three boys under the roof of the same apartment. All single. The dialogues will make you burst into laughter. It is also one of the best Netflix series to watch as a couple.

The Office

A classic among the classics of comic series. How many memes has he left us Steve Carrell with his starring role in this series that features Ricky gervais as one of its creators. The tragicomic comings and goings of the members of a company in their office environment lasted nine seasons, so you can imagine how absurdly addictive it is. In case you want to get to the heart of the matter, don’t miss the best episodes of ‘The Office’.

Bojack horseman

The most famous horse in the serial world continues to add seasons, and we rejoice: it is a hilarious animated series where humans and animals share equal space, and where the protagonist tries to overcome his success with a nineties sitcom and move the page. Acid and surreal, and how we like it. It is one of the smartest series in history.


Like the also recommended ‘Queridos Blancos’, this award-winning series created by Kenya Barris he delves into racial issues in the United States, but from the unbeatable sense of humor: an African-American family that lives among the influence of multiple rich white families and that struggles – at least, the father – to preserve its roots and culture.

Better things

Being a single mother and having to carry the weight of all the responsibilities, while trying to be a sexually active woman, is not fun at all. But Pamela adlon It is so, so good, that even from that situation can get this comical series that also tries to cover the aspirations as an actress of its protagonist, Sam.

Modern family

It is already a classic among the serial comedies of our century. And is not for less! About a decade after the premiere of its first season, this family sitcom continues to be revolutionary in terms of its format -semi documentary- and its look at different types of families and social roles. It’s one of the best comedy series on Amazon Prime Video.


At a time when this mythical series is being revisited to say that, in reality, it hides dangerous racist, homophobic and sexist messages, what better way than to keep an eye on it? We may be surprised, but what is certain is that a gray day will cheer us up: despite everything, it is still a hilarious and iconic series. Why did they cancel ‘Friends’? We still don’t explain it to ourselves.


They say that music is therapeutic. So if you are sad, what better than a few musical numbers to brighten the body? And if, in addition, you add a classic American high school story, and the vindication of the misfits, you get one of the most beloved series of recent years. It is, of course, one of the best musical series.

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