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The set of Monterrey I would be planning an interesting exchange with Guadalajara facing the next tournament.

After cancellation of Closing 2020, lThe Liga MX teams have their sights set on the transfer market and in the movements that can be made prior to the start of the Opening 2020.

Scratched He would practically already have 3 casualties on the list with Marcelo Barovero, José María Basanta and Leonel Vangioni ending his contract on June 30, so he would already be analyzing the options to cover these positions.

One of the players I would be thinking of Gang would Cristian Calderón, one of the most recent signings of Chivas and that would take the place of Vangioni on the left side.

According to information from reporter Jesús Hernández, lThe people of Monterrey would have put in place a plan to take over the services of the defender, for whom they would be considering releasing a member of their staff.

After discard César Montes with the Flock and knowing that it has always been of interest to the people of Guadalajara, those of the Northern Sultana would be willing to yield to Alfonso González for the Chicote. Also, in case of not accepting said treatment, Jonathan Gonzalez it is another that could enter the equation.

“There is this issue, Chicote Calderón, the left-hander from Tepic, who paid 8 million for it, in exchange for Jonathan González. There is now talk from Monterrey of an exchange Chicote Calderón-Jonathan González“the journalist mentioned to Multimedios Deportes.