The 1991 junior Spanish champion, debuts 30 years later as a professional

The fighter from Granada Francisco Martos has achieved his dream of debuting as a professional. In 1987 he began to practice boxing “After getting hooked on watching Rocky movies”, as the Andalusian declares, and “After seeing the Mike Tyson matches that were being shown on Spanish Television at that time”

In 1991, at the age of 17, he was proclaimed Junior Spanish Champion in Lanzarote within heavyweight, defeating Dani Soengas. In that year in Lanzarote, the 1992 Olympic medalist were also champions. Faustino Reyes and the professional European Champion José Luis Navarro “The Hunter”.

Martos continued to practice boxing until 2010 as a neo-professional, to continue renewing the license until a few years ago. Now, with a foreign license, he made his professional debut last Saturday in the Portuguese town of Matosinhos against the Romanian Marius Petre Sorin (0-48-2), whom he defeated on points in four rounds.

His goal is no longer to succeed in boxing at 47 years old, “I run the M&S Boxeo gym in Granada and also the El Pozo Restaurant in the same city, so the economic issue does not lead me to return to boxing, I just want to do some more fights to have the illusion of being a professional fighter”.

His theoretically short career will be directed by Tundra Promotions and he acknowledges that “It took time to debut, but could not find the time”. He is aware that at his age he cannot aspire to great feats and he knows that he has to go step by step: “My first rival was weak, but it’s logical for a debut at my age”.

By not being able to obtain the license in the Spanish Federation, it will continue with a license from another country for the time being.

Thirty years later, Francisco Martos took off his shirt.

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