The 16 important certainties of the coronavirus that doctors have today

The head of the Department of Infectious Diseases at the University of Maryland, USA, Faheem Younus, some time ago made a score with 16 recommendations and data on the coronavirus (Covid-19) that he published through the social network Twitter.

In a publication that went viral, Younus wrote a series of tweets about the pandemic and denials of misinformation circulating around Covid-19.

The 16 certainties about the coronavirus posted on Twitter:

We will live with Covid-19 for months. Let’s not deny it or panic. Let’s not make our lives useless and aware of the virus. Let’s learn to be happy and live with this fact.
The virus will not reduce its effect in summer. It is summer in other countries, but the virus continues to spread and spread throughout the world. You can’t destroy the Covid-19 viruses that penetrated cells drinking too much water. You will only go to the bathroom more often. The handwashing and maintaining a protection distance of 2 meters are the best methods to protect against the virus. If you don’t have a Covid-19 patient at home, there is NO need to disinfect the surfaces in your home.
Packages, gas jugs, shopping carts or ATMs They do NOT cause infection. Wash your hands and live your life as always. Covid-19 It is NOT a food infection, but is associated with drops of infection as in the flu. There is no proven risk of Covid-19 being transmitted by ordering food. The sauna sessions DO NOT kill Covid-19 viruses. You can lose your sense of smell from allergies and viral infections, but this It is NOT a specific symptom for Covid-19. Once at home, you do NOT need to change your clothes urgently and shower. Cleanliness is a virtue, NOT a paranoia. The Covid-19 virus It is NOT suspended in the air. This is an infection that requires close contact. The air is clean, you can walk through the gardens or through the parks, keeping your protection distance. Covid-19 DOES NOT distinguish race or religion, it is transmitted to all people. It’s enough use normal soap against Covid-19, NOT necessarily antibacterial soap. The virus, however, is NOT a bacteria.
You DO NOT have to worry about your food orders. But if you want more processed, you can heat them a bit in the microwave. The opportunity to bring Covid-19 home in your shoes And as a result getting sick is the same as being struck by lightning twice a day. I worked against viruses for 20 years drip infections They do NOT spread like this.
You CANNOT be protected from the virus taking vinegar, sugar, juice or ginger.
Wearing gloves is a bad idea; the virus can accumulate on the glove, it can be easily transmitted if you touch your face. Better to wash your hands.

“Finally pay attention to your mental health. If an older adult sees news with disasters and epidemics, every day, with the message: ‘It will come to you too, It will come for you, The next is you’, will die in a few months. These messages they degrade our immune system through stress and anxiety. Also don’t look at the medical professors and lecturers who became masters of disaster. Repeat the same things alone destroys our quality of life. Protect your mental health and your physical health and do not forget that an unstable mental state affects the entire immune system of the patient ”, concluded the expert.