The 14 best TV shows about aliens

The X-Files, Raised by Wolves, Star Trek and Dr. Who

Movies and series are a mirror of what we are obsessed with, and there is something that has been part of their stories for more than a century: the existence of intelligent life beyond Earth. In 1902, Georges Meliès He imagined what the ‘Trip to the Moon’ would be like and the creatures that could be found there (as we verified in 1969, little thing apparently) and other recent works that go from ‘The arrival’ of Denis Villeneuve to the same Marvel Cinematic Universe (UCM) have shown that we are still absolutely obsessed with everything that could exist in a galaxy far, far away. If you are one of those who feels in tune with these concerns, you will be interested in this list, where we compile the best (our favorites) series of aliens in the history of television. If the music of ‘The X Files’ is already playing in your head, you are in the right place.

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File X

Did someone say ‘alien’? Well, there you can not miss Fox Mulder (David duchovny) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson), the most famous pair of paranormal investigators (with pardon the Winchester brothers from ‘Supernatural’) in the history of American television. ‘File X‘is (rightly) a must-see cult series, where the existence of aliens is at the center of government conspiracies and supernatural phenomena that the couple of FBI agents face in each episode. Created by Chris carter, is the series that really made us say out loud: “I WANT TO BELIEVE.”

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It is normal that ‘The Simpsons’ is considered the most successful series of Matt Groening, but perhaps ‘Futurama’ is the one with the most adept fans and a very special cult animated series status. Co-created by David X. Cohen, this brilliant comedy is set in a futuristic version of New York, where a pizza delivery man wakes up, Philip J. Fry, which had been cryogenically frozen by accident on New Year’s Eve in 1999. The cultural and technological shock that he will experience in this new context in the year 3000 will be brutal, and especially when he is hired as a Planet Express deliveryman and has the opportunity to travel all over the world. galaxy (and beyond).

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Raised by wolves

Ridley scott, which has given us some of the most iconic films in the history of science fiction (‘Blade Runner’) and also of aliens on the big screen (‘Alien, the eighth passenger’ and the saga that followed it), produces this impressive series that again addresses many of your concerns as a filmmaker, although its creator is actually Aaron Guzikowski (the screenwriter of ‘Prisioneros’ by Denis Villeneuve). ‘Raised by wolves’ tells how two androids, known as “Father” and “Mother”, are tasked with the mission of educating a group of human children on a distant and mysterious planet. The futuristic reality that is revealed to us episode by episode explores themes such as beliefs, faith and education, while showing us a scenario where the different human colonies are, as expected, in eternal conflict.

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The Mandalorian

The world of Star Wars, whether in the form of movies or series, has pure alien DNA. It is his adventures in other worlds (in other galaxies far, far away) that have fallen in love with millions of viewers around the world, and few of his stories have taken as much advantage of him as ‘The Mandalorian’, the latest hit in the saga. and the first on Disney +. Created by Jon favreau and starring (helmet through) by Pedro PascalFollow the journeys of a Mandalorian warrior through planets of all kinds, interacting with alien races of all sizes and colors, and finding allies in the least unexpected places. And on top of that they have the definitive ‘cute alien’, Baby yoda (sorry, Grogu), to make her an honorable member of this alien roster.

Available in: Disney +.

Fringe (To the limit)

Created by JJ Abrams, Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci and turned into a cult sci-fi series, ‘Fringe’ is a must in this list, and in that of any fan of the genre. The story follows Olivia Dunham (Anna torv), an FBI agent who, with the help of her boss, Agent Broyles (Lance Reddick), and the eccentric Dr. Bishop (John noble) and his son Peter Bishop (Joshua jackson), solve cases marked by the paranormal. Yes, her thing is inexplicable phenomena, those that escape the understanding of worldly people, and that she is able to approach with an unusual intelligence.

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Star trek

Many came after her, but her pioneering status is undeniable: ‘Star Trek: The Original Series’ changed science fiction television forever in the 1960s, and it did so thanks to the charismatic crew of the ship Enterprise and their adventures to through space. Created by Gene Roddenberry, and led into fiction by Captain Kirk (William Shatter) and Agent Spock (Leonard nimoy), it was a milestone that still lasts, and that has given us a saga full of series equally recommended and insertable in this list: ‘Star Trek: The new generation’, ‘Star Trek: Voyager’, ‘Star Trek: Enterprise’ or the recent ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ They are also part of this selection, although we group them here as part of the immortal and imperishable ‘trekkie’ universe.

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The Expanse

There are series that do not stop generating headlines, and others that, silently, are doing a magnificent job that, at the end of the day, shines on its own. This is the case of ‘The Expanse’, a series of space adventures that has been gaining followers and has constantly won the good reviews of its viewers. No wonder: created by Mark fergus and Hawk ostby and based on the work of James SA Corey, takes us to a future where humans have colonized the planets of the Solar System and where a police detective must find a young woman who has disappeared. With that starting point, the series surprises each episode, giving us unbeatable doses of science fiction.

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Stargate SG-1

Has nostalgia already entered you? It’s normal: created by Jonathan Glassner and Brad wright, ‘Stargate SG-1’ is the series that led many to stick to the television every afternoon to discover the new intergalactic adventures of its protagonists, for which they used a “door to the stars”, a portal that could take them anywhere of the universe. This is how we met Colonel Jack O’Neill (Richard Dean Anderson), commander of SG-1, whose mission is to defend Earth from possible invasions, but also to explore new worlds and discover new technologies, in harmony with the spirit of his predecessors in ‘Star Trek’.

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Battlestar galactica

In 1978, ‘Galactica: Fighter Star’ did its bit in American television science fiction, but it wasn’t really until the early 2000s that the two-episode miniseries ‘Battlestar Galactica’ and the subsequent four-season series received the applause of the public and critics. Of course, the update suited him very well. Originally created by Glen A. Larson and later taken up by Ronald D. Moore, shows us the struggles for the survival of humanity against the Cylons, robots that have declared war on the human race.

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Falling Skies

What if aliens came to Earth with the intention of annihilating humanity? That is what this series created by Robert Rodat, which for five seasons offered us the anthological battle between humans and aliens that we have seen so many times on the big screen. ‘Falling Skies’ follows a former history professor, Tom Mason (Noah wyle), whose family has been devastated by the invasion: his wife died and his son has been kidnapped, so rescuing him has become the great mission of his life. So much so that he will end up being the leader of a rebel movement that fights against the invaders.

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Abductees (Taken)

Sponsored by himself Steven Spielberg (that of aliens, after ‘ET, the extraterrestrial’ and ‘The war of the worlds’, you know for a while) and created by Leslie bohem, this miniseries of paranormal events is still one of the most interesting we have seen on television. Through its 10 episodes, with a cast led by Dakota Fanning and Julie Benz, tells how three families are subject to inexplicable phenomena and alien abductions for four generations. Thus, the story covers from the Second World War to the present (well, specifically, until the early 2000s), giving us an incredible range of situations and stories that have the existence of aliens as a minimum common denominator.

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Dr who

Britain stands on pillars like royal dramas, the afternoon tea ceremony and Dr. Who. Among others. The character first appeared on British television in 1963 (where it lasted for more than two decades) and was brought back to life with a washed face in 2005, continuing his story to this day. Not for nothing is it considered the longest-running science fiction series in history. Its protagonist (who has played more than a dozen actors, such as Matt smith, David tennant and actually, Jodie whittaker) is an alien who jumps in time through a police booth.

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In the mid-80s this series appeared, created by Kenneth johnson, which would mark a milestone in television science fiction and also in alien stories. Such was its influence that, in 2009, it was the subject of an equally recommended remake. The story of ‘V’ begins when an extraterrestrial community arrives on Earth with its 50 flying saucers, but in peace: they want to start relationships with human beings to obtain some resources that their planet needs. In return, they offer to reveal the secrets of their advanced technology. Thus, an alliance is formalized that will have unexpected consequences. And no, we are not just referring to Jane badler eating a rat.

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Cowboy bebop

This mythical anime, which will become a live action series on Netflix, could not be missing from this list. Set in the year 2071, it introduces us to the charismatic crew of the Bebop ship, a group of bounty hunters who travel the entire Solar System in search of criminals. Characters like Spike Spiegel, Jet Back, Faye Valentine, Ed and Ein turn the story into an absolute enjoyment, where there is no lack of fast-paced action, the intrigue of their story and a soundtrack to remember.

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