These days, television fiction has become a great ally to disconnect from a reality that strikes without compassion. April has always been a month with a lot of premiere, and this year, although the pandemic has delayed some date, it will be no less. For this reason, this selection with the highlights of what is to come has had to leave out such highly recommended titles as the returns of the funny comedy Insecure (HBO Spain) and the dramedy of Ricky Gervais After Life (Netflix) or the premiere of the story. as a researcher girl from Home Before Dark (Apple TV +). You can check all the series that premiere or return in April in the Season 5 series calendar. Of all of them, this is our selection:

The paper house

The thieves in the red jumpsuit keep their pulse on the system from inside the Bank of Spain. But now the situation is not promising for them. Inside, Nairobi fights for his life. Outside, the Professor is more lost than ever because he thinks that Lisbon has died. The complicated robbery continues its course with more and more complications because personal conflicts come into play, the suspicion that there is a traitor between them, and the weariness of the passage of time. Also that exhaustion begins to be noticed in the series and its plots are longer than they should be. But let’s see who dares to escape the great phenomenon of national fiction in recent years.

Where and when to see it? All eight new episodes will be on Netflix on Friday, April 3.

Tales from the Loop

A peculiar, poetic and emotional science fiction proposal. Each episode tells a different story, but they are all intertwined by their characters and where they take place, where scientific experiments have made anything that defies the laws of nature possible. This is the first series adapted from a book of paintings and stories, the work of the Swedish artist Simon Stålenhag, in which he mixed natural landscapes with robots and retro-style ships. The series respects that setting and tells slow-paced stories that are recreated aesthetically and in a careful soundtrack.

Where and when to see it? The first season of eight chapters can be seen on Day 3 on Amazon Prime Video.

The invisible line

The origins of ETA appear on television in the form of a series that has behind it the team of the outstanding Tomorrow. Here there is no spoiler that is worth and it is already known how the story will end: on June 7, 1968, ETA member Txabi Etxebarrieta claimed the first fatality of ETA, the civil guard José Antonio Pardines. A few hours later, Txabi was killed in a confrontation with the Civil Guard. Txabi’s companions decide to avenge his death by murdering his main persecutor, Inspector Melitón Manzanas. Mariano Barroso is at the controls, Álex Monner is Txabi Etxebarrieta and Antonio de la Torre is Melitón Manzanas in this interesting production that puts the focus on the motivations of the characters without going on to judge the facts.

Where and when to see it? The six episodes will premiere on Movistar + on Wednesday the 8th. The first two will be offered in open streaming to the public.

The Good Fight

After a season that kept Donald Trump very much in mind, it seems that the new chapters want to return the focus to the lawyers. The firm has been bought by a multinational firm, so all its decisions can be supervised and questioned, with the consequent loss of independence. The fight continues in this legal drama that bets on stories attached to current events and very careful scripts in which its characters, both main and secondary, shine. This season, the cast is joined by Hugh Dancy and John Larroquette, and Michael J. Fox returns as the attorney Louis Canning, and Zach Greinier, the cynical David Lee of The Good Wife.

Where and when to see it? On Movistar + since April 9 with one episode every week (at the moment, only in original version with subtitles).


A woman suddenly receives a message on her mobile: “Run”. Run. After thinking about it for a few seconds, he answers: “Run”. And he leaves everything to run to catch a train in New York where he meets a former love from university, and thus fulfill a pact they made in the past. He has also left everything to live that impulsive adventure throughout America. That was the plan, but they did not expect that reality is always different from what one imagines when young. Merritt Wever and Domhnall Gleeson star in this series created by Vicky Jones and produced by Phoebe Waller-Bridge halfway between romantic comedy and thriller and with a starting point and rhythm that invite you to join the journey of the two protagonists.

Where and when to see it? Monday the 13th premieres on HBO Spain.

From another place

The rarest series of all the ones we include in this list, the ones in which you don’t understand anything at first and you have to let yourself go with the hope of tying up dots as time goes by. Jason Segel (Marshall in How I Met Your Mother) is the creator and protagonist of this bewildering comedy presented as a puzzle with a certain air to Maniac, Lodge 49 and even Russian doll. In its 10 episodes, it follows the crisscrossing stories of four lonely, normal people who feel that something is missing in their lives and who agree to participate in a puzzle that presents them with different challenges in their daily lives. A puzzling series that asks the viewer for time to show what is inside. What we don’t know is whether it will be worth the journey.

Where and when to see it? Premiere on April 13 at AMC.

Killing Eve

Follow the cat and mouse game between Eve and Villanelle, a game in which one cannot live without the other. Villanelle is now a jobless killer for whom Eve is dead. Eve, meanwhile, remains hidden from view. But a near death will set them off again on a journey that will cost them friends, family, and loyalties. British writer Suzanne Heathcote is the third season’s lead writer and executive producer on a series that in each installment gives way to a new female voice.

Where and when to see it? The series has advanced its return to April 13 on HBO Spain.


Jane Austen left a novel unfinished in which young Charlotte, impulsive and very modern for the time, moved to a seaside town trying to become a fashionable seaside resort that British high society goes to. The writer, who started this story when she was already sick, died leaving her half, so we only know some characters from her and the beginning of the plot. This vintage series takes that starting point and takes it further with an entertaining and lightweight version ideal to disconnect in times of confinement.

Where and when to see it? COSMO premieres the first of its eight episodes on Tuesday the 14th.

Mrs. America

Having Cate Blanchett as the protagonist is one of the great attractions of this series set in the 1970s and the movement to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment, which was met with an unexpected reaction by a conservative woman, Phyllis Schlafly, the activist Blanchett brings to life. Her opposition to feminism collides with second wave feminists, who brought issues such as sexuality, family, work, gender violence or reproductive rights into the debate. A production that arrives having generated many expectations.

Where and when to see it? The Hulu series arrives through HBO Spain on April 15.

What we do in the shadows

His first season was one of the best comedies of last year. This is the television adaptation of the eponymous movie starring vampires who share a flat in the contemporary world. In the case of the series, the stories revolve around the vampires Nandor, Lazlo and Nadja, the energy vampire Colin and the servant Guillermo, who at the end of the first season discovered a fact about his identity that could play a lot in the new episodes. We hope for the best of an unpretentious series that has already shown that it could be outrageous, the best that can be said of a comedy.

Where and when to see it? On HBO Spain, starting on the 16th.

Vis a vis: The oasis

Although we have not yet been able to see more than a preview, surely the frenetic and somewhat excessive spirit (especially in his second life on pay television) of Vis a vis is still alive in this continuation. The story now centers on Zuleman and Maca’s wanderings outside of prison. Along with other women, they will put Ramala in check, a man who is preparing to marry his daughter in a wedding that will take place with many shocks. In addition to Najwa Nimri and Maggie Civantos, Itziar Castro, Alba Flores and Ramiro Blas also return. Vis a vis leads with this and three finals … Will this be the definitive one?

Where and when to see it? Fox is slated to premiere on April 20. And for now, the plans are going ahead.

Defending Jacob

Chris Evans plays an assistant prosecutor who will have to handle a murder case of a classmate of his 14-year-old son. In the first steps of the investigation, the clues begin to point to his own son, Jacob, as a suspect in the crime. Evans and Michelle Dockery lead the cast of this classic-looking and narrative thriller with a leisurely pace that has its main characters in their main appeal. Very much in line with this type of story, with its twists, its suspicions and its moral conflicts.

Where and when to see it? On Apple TV + on the 24th.

Penny Dreadful: City of Angels

Another continuation of a story that had already ended and that had left a good memory in its loyal fans. In this case, in front of the Victorian London in which Penny Dreadful was taking place, the action moves to Los Angeles in 1938. After a macabre murder, a detective and his partner are involved in an investigation that delves into the city’s past , with its ties to Mexican culture, the Nazi espionage missions and the rise of radio preachers. As in the mother series, folklore, prophecies and the cult of death are intertwined in a script signed again by John Logan and with the Spanish Paco Cabezas, also repeating as director of several episodes. Daniel Zovatto, Natalie Dormer, Nathan Lane and Rory Kinnear are in the cast of a series of which we have not yet been able to see any episode but of which we can not have more desire.

Where and when to see it? In Movistar Series, starting April 27 simultaneously in the United States.