Since July 19, 2020, viewers of the 12 blows of noon meet every day Caroline, the new reigning champion of the show. After dethroning Antonin, the young woman aged 26 accumulates successes. Tuesday, August 11, 2020, the former political science student won another victory which allowed her to increase her prize pool. The mistress of noon is now at the head of 84,800 euros in earnings. Very supported by fans of the show, she was also recently strongly defended after a user questioned her about her physique. The faithful of the program even believe they have found the personality behind the mysterious star who still escapes Caroline. Faced with the clues that are revealed every day, some suggest thata famous American singer would be the personality to discover.

An American singer approached behind the mysterious star of 12 noon shots

On social networks, many Internet users are trying to unravel the secret of the mysterious star of the program presented by Jean-Luc Reichmann. And for many it would be to discover Christina Aguilera. The index of the review dancer would thus refer to her song Lady Marmalade from the film Moulin Rouge in which she participated in 2009. The American flag would simply be related to his American nationality. The raptor at the top of the image is an Andean Condor which Ecuadorian national symbol from which his father originated. Japanese decor would be related to her childhood since she lived for two years in Japan with her mother. Finally, the vase decorated with a fish could be related to the animated film Gang of Sharks to which she contributed by playing one of the titles of the soundtrack, Car Wash. We are therefore waiting to see if Caroline will make the same deductions.

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