the 11 headlines left by Pedro Sánchez’s interview

Pedro Sánchez, President of the Government. (Photo: Juan Medina via .)

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, has intervened in the TVE “Newscast” where he has responded to various issues that are at the juncture such as the price of the electricity bill, the increase in the minimum interprofessional salary, the dialogue table and the relationship with the Popular Party, among others.

Here are the highlights from the 30-minute interview.

“Tomorrow in the Council of Ministers we will extend until the end of the year the suspension of 7% of the tax”

“I would have liked there to be an agreement with the employers on the SMI, it has not been possible, of course we are going to raise it, the objective is to reach 60% of the average salary by the end of the legislature”

“I have always defended dialogue, listening to each other and I am going to make a firm commitment to dialogue and a reunion with Catalonia. I will lead that delegation of the Government of Spain “

“Regardless of whether we see a daily rise in the price of energy, we are taking measures to stop and limit the receipt of electricity and natural gas”

“Large investments (like the one in El Prat) require great consensus. The Government of Spain is a government that is committed to large investments in Catalonia. That Catalonia is not left behind ”

“Yolanda Díaz and Pablo Iglesias are different characters. In the government I feel the loyalty of United We Can “

“Although there is a false report, there is also an increase in hate crimes. There is an underreporting of hate crimes “

“It has already been clear to me that to lend a hand, the PP is not going to lend it. The first thing that complies with the Constitution and that when Casado leaves Spain, that he speaks well of Spain “

“1,000 days that the PP has been out of the Constitution. Here two do not dance if one does not want to. It has become clear to me that the PP will lend a hand, it will not help “

“I have always defended that the Head of State has to be present in Catalonia”

“Recognize the work of the current Head of State and tell the public that the State is monitoring, the prosecution is acting, and in the event that facts are found liable to be tried, it will be done. An institution is not judged “

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extend the suspension of the tax and

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