The 10 worst things Nick Fury has done in the MCU

The character who introduces the Avengers to the Marvel Cinematic Universe is Nick Fury. He had a major role in the early days of the show and he keeps popping up. Unlike most leaders, Fury does not have a clean image, having made many decisions that cannot be encouraged.

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Most of them have been in the hopes of being for the benefit of the heroes, but the nature of these actions has also been too questionable to ignore. Because of this, Nick Fury has ended up doing a bunch of bad things during his time in the MCU that he should be called out for.

10 Keeping the existence of Captain Marvel a secret

This may have been the MCU’s worst decision, since no one knew Captain Marvel and the world paid for it. Nick Fury thought he would keep the superhero’s identity a secret for when the time came to do so, but he never did.

If Fury had just told someone else about Captain Marvel, they could have introduced the superhero much earlier and brought her to Earth to stop Thanos from completing the Gauntlet. By keeping Captain Marvel a secret, Fury ended up costing the universe half its life.

9 Authorize the manufacture of weapons from the Tesseract

The Infinity Stones themselves can be considered the secondary antagonists of the MCU, since their use gave more power to the villains than to the protagonists. Nick Fury somewhat assumed a villainous role, as he authorized the extraction of power from the Tesseract for use in weaponry.

This was precisely what Red Skull had been doing in the 1940s as well, meaning that there was no difference between him and Fury on paper. Since he had so much influence on SHIELD, and still did nothing to stop this practice, the blame falls on Fury for dabbling in such dangerous weapons.

8 Leaving Tony Stark out of the Avengers Initiative

Despite Tony Stark’s heroics in Iron Man 2, Nick Fury was not impressed by his behavior. By the end of the movie, he had decided to include Iron Man in the Avengers Initiative but leave out Tony Stark, arguing that the armor was useful but Tony’s attitude was not.

This was a particularly low move as Tony was the one who created the armor and he was Iron Man, which means that Fury basically wanted Tony’s technology but despised the man who had been the mastermind behind it.

7 blaming Thor for SHIELD’s unethical practices

The manipulation of the Infinity Stones is what ultimately led to the creation of Ultron. Prior to that, Nick Fury took on Iron Man and Captain America for their unethical practice of using the Tesseract to create weapons, diverting the blame onto Thor.

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Fury alleged that SHIELD had to deal with the Tesseract due to Thor’s fight with the Destroyer to protect Earth from threats like Thor. He did not acknowledge the fact that Thor had demolished the armor and had been the one who had saved Earth from Loki. Fury then went on to argue that Thor and his people had come to Earth and « blown things up », all this when Thor had done nothing to shake him up.

6 Taking advantage of Coulson’s death to power the Avengers

While Nick Fury has saved the world many times, the methods he adopted were far from acceptable. After Phil Coulson’s « death », he took Captain America’s letters stained with Coulson’s blood and claimed that Coulson would have wanted the Avengers to continue fighting.

Even though this has worked, it is a heinous act to take someone’s belongings, smear them with their blood, and then make a false claim to emotionally manipulate their friends, all of which Nick Fury did to bring the Avengers online.

5 constantly disappears from the Avengers to leave them lost

One of the possible plot lines for Captain America 4 could have been an explanation for Nick Fury’s activities, as the MCU never confirmed where he went. This ended up hurting the Avengers, since they had no idea what had become of Fury and were left without direction.

Fury appeared when he felt like it, but it never explained where it was going or when it would leave. Moments like the Sokovia Accords crisis would have been perfect for Fury to bail out the Avengers, but he preferred to stay hidden and let the team break up.

4 pressuring Spiderman to be an Avenger

Peter Parker had the impression that he was dealing with threats from other universes in Spider-Man: Far From Home, something he didn’t want to be a part of. However, Fury sent Talos to impersonate him and force Spider-Man to work with him.

To do this, he used the memory of Tony Stark as a way to emotionally pressure Peter, despite the fact that he was still in mourning and the idea that he was letting Tony down hurt him. Even though Peter didn’t want to be a hero at the time, Fury basically pressured the teenager to fight.

3 Bringing Bruce Banner to SHIELD without his consent

Bruce may have been technically asked to go to SHIELD, but clearly he had no choice as there were two dozen armed and ready guards outside during his conversation with Black Widow. Bruce had chosen to hide after The Incredible Hulk, only for Fury to locate him.

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He made a girl pretend to need help from Bruce before he discovered it was a ploy to bring him out. Bruce wanted nothing to do with the fight or the possibility of the Hulk returning, but Fury left him few options, as Black Widow influenced him to turn to SHIELD.

2 don’t call Captain Marvel for the battle of New York

Loki’s invasion of New York was a time when the villain should have died in the MCU, as it took the lives of thousands of people. It could have easily been avoided if Nick Fury had simply called in the service of Captain Marvel.

There were no Snap effects preventing him from summoning Captain Marvel this time around, which means it was the Fury’s own decision not to call her. Considering how Captain Marvel destroyed Thanos’ fleet in a matter of seconds, the Chitauri and Loki would have been child’s play for her. And if Fury had made the call, thousands of lives would have been saved.

1 Force Coulson’s resurrection

Coulson did not die as Nick Fury led the Avengers to believe, but was resurrected through Project TAHITI, which was anything but a pleasant experience. It was such a painful procedure that the resurrected Coulson experienced immense pain.

This was to the point that Coulson even begged to be killed again to avoid the pain he felt. However, Fury continued to commission the project to bring Coulson back despite the fact that Coulson was clearly in extreme distress and had made the call for his life to end, which means that Fury took this right away from Coulson. .