One of the best recommendations before hitting the road is to make sure you have a good tool kit on board your car to use in the event of a vehicle breakdown.

A good driver should always keep in mind all the risks that can arise on the road, from mechanical failure to simply being able to change one. tire in case it breaks.

For this, it is essential to have an indispensable tool in the cars That will facilitate the task if necessary, and do not stay stranded in the middle of the road for not having the appropriate instruments. According to the portal, these are the 10 basic tools that you should always carry with you in the car.

1. Flat screwdriver and a star screwdriver

This tool is basic in a car, so it could be good to load one with interchangeable heads of various diameters and sizes.

2. Pliers with cutting area

These clamps will help you to strip cables or cut any plastic or similar material, if necessary.

3. Monkey wrench and ratchet wrench

Loosening nuts is not always an easy task, so if you want to loosen or tighten any nut, these wrenches will be very useful.

4. Insulating tape

Carrying electrical tape can be used to make emergency repairs, from holding or fixing a part, to insulating a cable that may appear in poor condition or to locate or mark the point to be repaired later.

5. Hydraulic jack

A tool that goes without saying that it is basic to change tires with a cross or cross wrench.

6. Reflective triangles

These objects will serve to warn other road users that your car is stopped due to a breakdown or mishap and thus avoid any other accident.

7. Set of Allen or Torx head wrenches.

In recent years, the use of small nuts and bolts has been extended, which can only be tightened or loosened if you have Allen keys.

8. Gloves

To change the wheels, check any part of the engine, check the oil, etc. If you do not want to stain your hands and clothes, they are essential.

9. Box with spare fuses

The most common faults emit a warning signal on the instrument panel, and it is because one of the fuses is blown, so the problem would be solved by replacing it with another.

10. Portable battery lamp or flashlight

A basic tool especially when you have to manipulate, look at or fix something in your car at a time and place with little natural light, be it in the early morning, at sunset, at night and even in a tunnel.


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