Like Wolverine, the other X-MEN members have had a plethora of alternate versions where they represent the team in a very different way than what we normally know from Earth-616. In many of these realities you can see the mutants presented in a very strange way, so much so that in some versions they are totally unrecognizable for the appearance they carry. However, this does not mean that these dimensions are bad and few dear, in fact, most of them are very striking because their style is fun and entertaining.

Among so many alternative versions that exist of the Marvel Comics X-MEN, we have found the strangest of all, from some mutants with dog faces, to manga-style versions that look great. If that calls your curiosity, do not worry, below we show you each of them so that you also know them.

Earth 1007

Earth’s X-MEN-1007

Have you ever imagined Cyclops or Night Prowler as a woman? If you have not already done so, on Earth-1007 you will be able to see it, an alternate universe where women are men, and men women. Here we can see the opposite gender versions of each of the members of the X-MEN, such as Wolverine woman, Arcangel woman, Rose man, Storm man and more of this style. Something that we are not used to, but that is certainly very interesting.

These mutants were not born like this, everything was normal until one day the villain Buzz and Bubbles made a plan in order to sterilize humans, but the process was interrupted by the X-MEN, which caused them to be created side effects like reversing your gender. The change became permanent and the mutants had to accept it and go on with their lives.


The 10 strangest versions of the X-MEN in Marvel ComicsMojoverse X-Babies

Imagine a lot of babies with superhuman powers trying to keep the peace, yes these actually exist in the Mojoverse called “X-Babies”, they are practically the X-MEN in a mini versions. They were created by Mojo in an attempt to replicate the X-MEN, but realizing it was a bad idea, they had already escaped.


The 10 strangest versions of the X-MEN in Marvel ComicsEarth X-MEN-2182

On Earth-2182 Apocalypse and Jean Gray have a son named Armageddon, a mutant who inherits all the powers of his parents, but who does not follow an evil path, but unites with his father’s enemies, the X-MEN, a team of mutants led by Professor Wolverine and the Night Prowler. In this alternate reality, after Professor X and Jean Gray pass away, Cyclops leaves the team and dedicates himself to being a villain leading a ** new brotherhood called Brotherhood of Evil Mutants ** that is subsequently defeated by the X-MEN.


The 10 strangest versions of the X-MEN in Marvel ComicsX-Apes or X-Simians of Wild Land

Yes, it is the version of the X-MEN represented in apes, mostly known as The X-Simians, they come from an alternative dimension called Earth-8101 (Simioverse). This world is very similar to Earth-616, superheroes are dedicated to stopping villains who threaten the peace with their malicious actsOnly they are apes with supernatural powers. It should be noted that here there is even a version of the Avengers called “Mono-Avengers”.

Here Comes Tomorrow

The 10 strangest versions of the X-MEN in Marvel ComicsHere Comes Tomorrow – The Earth X-Men-15104

After the Magneto impersonator known as “Xorn” eliminated Jean Gray, Cyclops ceased to be the leader of the X-MEN, thus leaving Beast in charge of Professor X’s academy, but that did not last long due to which later Beast was corrupted by bacterial force called “Sublime,” which caused her to do evil deeds. This force was so powerful that together with the Beast, it destroyed most of humanity and the mutants, turning the world into a post-apocalyptic place.

However, survivors known as the new X-MEN (Here Comes Tomorrow) emerged, which were some mutants that with their powers have the objective of achieve peace again by reviving Jean Gray. Among them are Wolverine, Cassandra Nova, EVA, Three-In-One, Pico, Tom Skylark, and many more.


The 10 strangest versions of the X-MEN in Marvel ComicsWolverine on the Mangaverse

If you were wondering what mutants with a manga design would be like, here is the Mangaverse, where the X-MEN originate from Earth-2301. Here Charles Xavier does not conform to the X-MEN, but other members of the team, in addition, many things change, since in this version Wolverine and Cyclops are brothers, unfortunately both lack some things, Cyclops lacks an eye and Wolverine a hand.

The good thing is that these have managed to unleash epic battles with what they have to offer, because Wolverine in his left hand has some longest adamantium claws, while on the left are made up of energy similar to the one Cyclops projects with his eyes. Obviously, the style of the characters also changes, making them more minimalist and with anime design.

Rex Dogs

The 10 strangest versions of the X-MEN in Marvel ComicsLand REX-Dogs 1002

The X-Simians aren’t the only animal-based versions of the X-MEN, the Earth Rex-Dogs-1002 It is another alternative dimension where they show it very different from what we are usually used to, since in this case, instead of being human, they are all dogs. In the image we can see the canine versions of Colossus, Bishop, Storm, Jubilee, Gambit, Wolverine, and Professor X. They all fight for the good of the Earth facing their doggy enemies.

Earth 1602

The 10 strangest versions of the X-MEN in Marvel ComicsEarth X-Men (Warlocks) 1602

This universe takes place in 1602, where mutants are hated by ordinary society because they are considered to be “Born witches”, reason why the history focuses mainly on this conflict and also on the villains that appear during the trajectory of the plot. Here Charles Xavier is known as Carlos Javier, Jean Gray keeps the same name and other mutants have names adapted to the time.

X-Men Noir

The 10 strangest versions of the X-MEN in Marvel ComicsEarth X-Men Noir-90214

The story of this version develops on Earth-90214 in 1937 in Westchester, New York, where Charles Xavier recruits different adolescent misfits sociopaths. Unlike other dimensions, this is based on showing the villain side of the mutants, because Professor X’s academy, instead of guiding his students on a good path, increasingly introduced them to a criminal life, until he was finally arrested. Subsequently, the X-MEN who managed to escape as Iceman, Cyclops and the Beast were joined by detective Tom Halloway in order to deneter some villains.

However, not all the story ends badly, because after Charles Xavier was released from prison, he returned to undertake a project to gather new X-MEN, but this time making better decisions, since the members of the team enlisted them for what they will be part of the National Emergency Office (ONE) where they dedicated themselves to work as agents for the government.

House of X and Powers of X

The 10 strangest versions of the X-MEN in Marvel Comics

It is a version based on the X-MEN of the future where in various realities of time they struggle to obtain a better world, both for mutants and for humans. Here we can see different verisons of the X-MEN, the best known are those shown in the image, which would be 10 years into the future, where Magneto has a completely white suit and Charles Xavier can walk and use Cerebro at the same time.

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